Wooden Craft Sticks, Colored Popsicle Sticks for Crafts, Rainbow Bulk Pack by Mandala Crafts

$ 7.99

Product Description

Does your little one constantly push for more media time? Are you looking for a game you and your kids will both like? This jumbo pack of colored craft sticks with vibrant colors might be the answer. These colorful standard ice pop sticks are made from natural raw wood and splinter-free. Each craft stick is straight and perfectly crafted with a smooth surface and dyed all the way through with non-toxic and cheerful coloring.

This set of craft sticks will help children explore their creativity and have fun. Help your little one build a bridge, coaster, airplane, puppet, or birdhouse and create some parental bonding today! Use this kit to create group activities for birthdays, campouts, or scouts! The set also helps toddlers to count. It is even a great equity stick set for teachers in classrooms to randomly call students with their names written on the sticks. The jumbo pack is also handy to keep around the house for marking plants, creating coasters, decorating picture frames, tracking kid’s chores, or building a date jar or Christmas ornaments. It can also be a unique bird toy set for parrots.

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Premium Quality Craft Sticks
  • Made from natural raw birch wood
  • Lead-free coloring
  • Smooth flat surface and splinter-free

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Vibrant colors
  • Straight and warping free

Versatile Crafting Applications

  • Kid and adult group activities, classroom projects, birthday parties, and scout and camp crafts
  • Picture frames, boxes, fans, or stick puppets
  • Garden markers, date night stick jars, kid chore sticks, ornaments, or library shelf markers
  • Birdhouses or bird toys
  • Coasters and Christmas ornaments

  • Easy to glue, tape, or write on

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Material Wood Wood Plastic
  • Craft sticks made from natural raw birch wood and lead-free coloring; Smooth flat surface and splinter free; Sturdy and durable; Vibrant colors; Straight and warping free;
  • Small craft stick kit for kid and adult group activities, classroom projects, birthday parties, and scout and camp crafts; These colored craft sticks are easy to use to make picture frames, boxes, garden markers, date night stick jars, fans, chore sticks, ornaments, stick puppets, or library shelf markers;
  • Colorful craft sticks: yellow, green, orange, purple, pink, blue, and teal; 7 mixed colors; Length: 4.5 inches; Width: 3/8 inch; Thickness: 0.08 inch or 2mm;
  • Jumbo craft sticks bulk packaging; Wooden craft sticks easy to glue, tape, or write on;