Wooden Buttons - Round Wood Buttons for Crafts Sewing Sweater by Mandala Crafts, Natural Color Bulk 20 PCs 50mm 2 Inch Button with 4 Holes

$ 9.99

Product Description

Have you noticed the difference between something good and something great is attention to detail? In sewing, small details such as sewing buttons can dictate the overall success of a project. These flat back 4-hole buttons for sewing give any design an organic feel. Made from natural wood, this easy-to-work-with sew-on button assortment will not distort easily and the plain wooden buttons are highly customizable. The large buttonhole can fit through a large blunt eye needle.

These bulk craft buttons add a professional finishing touch to handmade garments and designs like costumes, raincoats, handbags, hats, pillows and wallets. These small wooden buttons can be used for shirts, sweaters, and cowl neck scarves. The large wooden buttons can be used for DIY crafts, sewing and knitting projects such as jewelry making, fashion embellishments, soft furnishings and creating ear savers for face masks.

Premium Quality Wood Buttons
  • Made from Natural Wood
  • Easy to Attach with Glue or by Sewing
  • Compatible With Various Fabric Types

  • Highly Customizable
  • Lays Flat
  • Large Buttonholes

Round Wood Four Hole Sewing Buttons

Add A Natural Touch to Any Project!

  • Enhance clothing such as dresses, cardigans, sweaters, hats & raincoats
  • Sew on to soft furnishings such as pillows, duvet covers & curtains
  • Use in DIY sewing projects, knitting projects, scrapbooking, jewelry making and crocheting
  • Suitable for use with fabrics, leather, canvas, silk, vinyl, plastic, or denim

  • Machine-Washable & Dryable
  • Smooth Surface & Distortion Resistant
  • Easy to Paint or Stain

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Count 300 pcs 50 pcs 80 sets 200 sets 25 sets 80 sets
Comes with Tools?
  • Wood buttons for sewing with 4 holes made of natural wood; Sturdy and durable; Machine-washable and dryable; Smooth surface and distortion resistant
  • Wooden buttons for crafts compatible with fabrics, leather, canvas, silk, vinyl, plastic, or denim in different colors and patterns; Blank wooden buttons for easy painting or staining
  • Round sewing buttons or decorative wood buttons for sweaters, suits, coats, shirts, fashion clothes, scarves, costume, bags, hats, mask ear savers, and wallets
  • Extra large wood buttons for crafts, sewing, scrapbooking, garment making, crocheting, knitting, upholstery, and DIY projects
  • Bulk buttons for crafts in assorted jumbo package; Easy to sew on with sewing needles or glue; Size: 2 Inches; 20 Pieces