• Unisex Yoga Meditation 108 Tibetan Natural Bodhi Seeds Prayer Beads Mala Wrap Bracelet Necklace

Unisex Yoga Meditation 108 Tibetan Natural Bodhi Seeds Prayer Beads Mala Wrap Bracelet Necklace

$ 24.99

This mala with a smooth finish is made from 108 natural polished Bodhi seeds and one guru bead. This specific kind of Bodhi seeds is called dragon eye Bodhi. Bodhi seeds play an important role in Buddhism. They represent the period when Buddha reached enlightenment under a Bodhi tree. The beautiful unglazed wood-like surface and brown marks of seed texture give this mala a unique Bohemian touch. Every bead on this mala is different. This versatile mala is not only a unique jewelry piece but also a great tool for different applications such as Padmasambhava mantra chanting, yoga, or meditation. They are fit for all kinds of mantra chanting including Tibetan and Hindu. It is a great conversation piece because of its uniqueness and nonconformity. It helps you immensely in your time of stress to be peaceful, mindful, compassionate, and considerate.

Prayer beads are also called mala, japa beads, juzu beads, or worry beads. In Catholicysm, they are called rosary beads. Malas are commonly used by Tibetan, Hindu, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Buddhist monks, Zen priests, or believers. They normally have 108 beads plus the guru bead. The number, 108, is considered a sacred number in Hinduism, meditation, and yoga. In Tibetan Buddhism, it represents the 108 volumes containing the words of the Buddha. Tibetan malas sometimes have 111 beads.

The surface of the beads has no finish on it. It will shine overtime after being touched in meditation. If you smashed on bead open, the inside seed texture will expose. The seeds are porous and essential oil might be added to give this mala a fragrant smell if you test it on one bead first.

  • GENUINE NATURAL BODHI SEEDS BEADS –Peaceful and powerful; Will not crack;
  • 108 PRAYER BEADS MALA – 108 beads plus one Guru bead; Great for mantra chanting, meditation, or yoga practices;
  • UNISEX PRAYER BEADS MALA with neutral design – For men or women at any age;
  • STURDY MALA with an OM GIFT BAG- Heavy-duty non-elastic string;
  • VERSATILE - 48 inch long, 11mm-12mm beads; Can be used as a necklace or wrap bracelet;