Mandala Crafts Volcanic Lava Beads for Jewelry Making Bulk Kit – Natural Lava Stone Beads - Lava Rock Beads for Essential Oils Diffuser Bracelet Necklace

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Product Description

Are you looking for a real lava bead kit for your essential oil jewelry design? This set of authentic lava stone beads is finished by heat treating in a subtle and beautiful color. The set of graduated lava bead is easy to fit into any design. The included stretchy cords are break-resistant and do not require precise sizing. The porous stone has a smooth surface and soaks up essential oils well for aromatherapy. The bead hole size is uniform and easy to thread with cord, crystal string, or craft wire.

This set is easy to work with for beginner or advanced jewelry making DIY hobbyists. It makes creating essential oil bracelets, oil diffuser necklaces, or even mala prayer beads a breeze. The process is as simple as stringing the beads and tying the knot. The beads coordinate with other jewelry findings well. After installing a headpin through the bead hole, it can easily create a pendant to put on a bracelet, necklace, or earring. When using as spacers or accent beads, these lava beads will instantly add flare to your beautiful jewelry made from pearls, turquoise, tiger eye, and other gemstones. The volcanic beads are not only appealing to the eye, but are also anecdotally believed to have healing power, absorb anxiety and negative energy, and promote strength and fertility.

Lava Stone Beads

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Premium Quality Lave Rock Beads
  • Lava rock beads with pre=drilled holes
  • Round-shaped with polished, porous, and absorbent surface
  • Smooth to the touch with no sharp edges

  • Colorfast and bleeding free
  • Natural, elegant, and earthy

Versatile Jewelry Making Applications

  • Lava bracelets
  • Lava rock necklaces and mala prayer beads
  • 7 Chakra bracelets
  • Lave bead earrings
  • Other oil diffuser or aromatherapy jewelry
  • Use as spacers or accent beads

  • Uniformly sized and easy to string
  • Pairs well with other beads
  • Coordinates with other jewelry accessories

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Lava Rock Bead Jewelry



Wrap Bracelet


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Essential Oil Bracelet Making Instructions

Step 1

  • Collect the Mandala Crafts lava bead kit, Mandala Crafts jewelry fiber, a pair of scissors, and a tube of jewelry glue.

Step 2

  • String the beads carefully with the jewelry fiber.

Step 3

  • Tie the two string ends into a surgeon's knot.
  • Drop essential oil on top of the bead.

Step 4

  • It is unnecessary to use glue. However, if you want extra security, drop a dab of glue on the knot.
  • Hide the knot between beads.

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Crystal String Jewelry Fiber Premium Crystal String Tiger Tail Beading Wire
Elasticity Medium Super High Non Elastic
  • Lava rock beads with predrilled holes and two rolls of free crystal string; Unwaxed, natural, elegant, and earthy; Round-shaped with polished, porous, and absorbent surface; Smooth to the touch with no sharp edges; Colorfast and bleeding free;
  • Lava bead kit for jewelry making such as designing lava bracelets, lava rock necklaces, prayer beads, chakra bracelets, earrings, and other oil diffuser or aromatherapy jewelry; Unique spacer or accent beads for beading and crafting;
  • Bulk wholesale quantity; About 500 loose beads total; 320 black and colored lava diffuser beads with three size varieties; 120 Tibetan spacer beads in 6 styles; 42 pcs, 6 sets of 7 chakra beads and 18 howlite and gemstone beads; Bead size: 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm; Hole size: 1mm;
  • Uniformly sized and easy to string; Pairs well with other beads such as pearls, turquoise, and other gemstones; Coordinate with other jewelry accessories such as cord, string, wires, or headpin;