Mandala Crafts Tear Away Stabilizer for Embroidery - Machine and Hand Embroidery Stabilizers - Tearaway Stabilizer for Embroidery Precut Backing Medium Weight 1.8 oz 8X8 Inches 100 Sheets

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Product Description

Frustrated with puckering under the fabric around your embroidery? Does fusible embroidery backing stabilizer make the design too stiff? This no-show embroidery tear away stabilizer pack may be the solution. Sturdier than tear away paper for embroidery, the pliable cutaway embroidery stabilizer adds a nice layer to embroideries for extra stability and distortion prevention without being bulky. Unlike a water soluble stabilizer for embroidery, this tearaway stabilizer for machine embroidery and hand sewing doesn’t wash away or create a mess. The material holds its shape well without showing up behind light-colored fabrics. The tearaway embroidery stabilizer is easy to remove, but doesn’t rip when being handled in a hoop. The tearaway backing negates the need for cutting. The embroidery cut away stabilizer doesn’t leave a sticky residue like a sticky stabilizer for embroidery.

This tear away stabilizer for machine embroidery and hand sewing is a must have for perfect embroidery designs. For new or pro embroidery enthusiasts, this no show poly mesh stabilizer for embroidery will make the process seamless and pleasant. The no show mesh stabilizer for embroidery makes customizing wearable items like t-shirts, aprons, pockets, or shirts like a breeze. Use this breathable stabilizer backing as an extra lining in face masks. The strong, lightweight sewing stabilizer material is soft to the touch and won’t scratch or itch. The medium tearaway stabilizer for embroidery backing is great for delicate fabrics such as pique knit and silk. This flexible light weight stabilizer can also be used when embellishing and monogramming home decor such as pillows, table runners, quilt squares, vintage quilt labels, and applique embroidered quilts.

Great for a Variety of Projects!

Premium Quality Embroidery Stabilizer
  • Made of 100% Nylon
  • Works well with a variety of fabrics such as pique knit, cotton, silk, & polyester
  • Compatible with a variety of embroidery hoop sizes, embroidery machines, sewing machines, and tapes

  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Flexible, soft, and sheer

Strong & Durable Tear Away Embroidery Stabilizer Mesh

Lightweight No-Show Backing for Machine & Hand Embroidery

  • Monogramming & sewing designs onto clothes, masks, quilts, towels, pillows & table runners
  • Use to sew designs into garments and dresses
  • Get a crisp finish on work shirt logos, school uniform patches & embroidered hats

  • Easy to use & handle; Saves time & waste
  • Easier to remove than cutaway stabilizers
  • Prevents design warping & holds shape well
  • Easy to write on, thread & stitch through
  • Semi-transparent & feels like fabric
  • Breathable & will not shrink after washing

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Tips for Use:

For best results, avoid stretching the knit while embroidering

We recommend using multiple layers for heavier designs

Use tweezers to remove excess stabilizer after completing a project

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  • Tearaway stabilizer for embroidery precut sheets made from nylon material; Strong and durable; Breathable and no shrinkage when washed; Machine-washable, dryable, and ironable; Flexible, soft, and sheer; Semi-transparent and feels like fabric; Lightweight and shadow-free
  • Medium tearaway stabilizer for machine and hand embroidery or monogram stabilizer to sew designs onto clothes, masks, quilts, caps, hats, and embroidery projects; Easy to remove or tear away embroidery stabilizer for embroidery machine and hand sewing; Multiple layers can be used for heavy and dense designs
  • No show mesh embroidery stabilizer for machine embroidery and hand embroidery for light or dark colored fabrics, knit, cotton, silk, and polyester; Cut away embroidery stabilizers to prevent design warping and will hold shape well
  • Tearaway machine embroidery stabilizer backing that is easy to write on, thread and stitch through; Tear away stabilizer sheets compatible with embroidery hoops and tapes; Easier to use than cutaway stabilizer for machine embroidery
  • Hand embroidery stabilizer backing and machine embroidery stabilizers in bulk; Hand and machine embroidery stabilizer requiring no ironing; Precut stabilizer for machine embroidery backing; 8X8 Inches; 100 sheets