Rosin Core Solder Wire with 60-40 Tin Lead for Electrical, Electronic, PCB Soldering; By Mandala Crafts; 50g 1.5mm

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Product Description

Are you having a hard time getting a truly fine soldering wire with rosin flux? Did your solder wire yield dull, cold, and hazy joints? This roll of 60-40 solder wire with lower melting point could raise your soldering game! The wire melts cleanly, heats evenly, flows smoothly, and provides solid connection and strong bond. The built-in rosin core negates the need of rosin application. The melted solder provides quick flow and strong adhesion, yields clean welding joints, and leaves no residual.

This solder wire is commonly used in wave and hand-soldering, maintenance, repair and overhaul. Coupled with a quality iron, this wire will get the job done like a pro. For repairing electronics such as TVs, SMD components, micro USB jacks, radios, pc and laptop PCBs, speakers, cellphones, LED strips, or electric guitars, the solder wire yields a professional look and provides perfect electrical transmission. The soldering wire is also handy to keep around for repairing rc cars, drones, or switches. The applications are so broad that it can even be used to solder auto or motorcycle batteries, stained glass, toy railroads, bike spokes, or jewelry pieces.

Fine 60-40 Solder Wire

  • Made from 60% tin and 40% lead with rosin flux core
  • Fast melting and maximum wetting spread
  • No spattering and corrosion
  • Heat fatigue and oxidation resistant

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Inch, MM, and Gauge Conversion
  • 0.025" / 0.6mm / 22 gauge
  • 0.032" / 0.8mm / 20 gauge
  • 0.039" / 1mm / 18 Gauge
  • 0.050" / 1.2mm / 16 Gauge
  • 0.062" / 1.5mm / 14 Gauge

  • Easy to work with
  • Prefluxed built-in rosin core
  • No rosin flux application mess
  • Continuous length and consistent gauge and core;
  • Less slag and smoke

Versatile Soldering Applications

  • Electronics such as TVs, radios, speakers, and small appliances
  • Printed circuit boards, micro USB jacks, and SMD components
  • RC cars, drones, and toys
  • Electric guitars and other music instruments
  • Lighting fixtures, Led strips, and switches
  • Wire splicing and bike spokes
  • Jewelry making
  • Wire splicing
  • PCs and cellphones
  • Auto or motorcycle batteries

  • Good electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Compatible with most soldering irons and equipment;
  • Low melting temperature point: 376 Degree F
  • Shorter soldering time
  • Melts clean and flows smooth

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PCB Repair

TV and Electronic Repair

PC Motherboard Repair

RC Car and Toy Repair

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Drone and Toy Repair

Cellphone Repair

Electrical and LED Strip Repair

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Guitar and Music Instrument Repair

Jewelry Making

Auto and Motorcycle Battery Repair

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  • Soldering wire with 2% rosin core made from 60% tin and 40% lead; Fast melting and maximum wetting spread; No spattering and corrosion; Heat fatigue and oxidation resistant; Melt clean and flow smooth; Less slag and smoke;
  • Solder wire or estaño para soldar for electronic, electrical, printed circuit board, rc car, guitar, Led strip, drone, or jewelry soldering, wire splicing, stained glass, and DIY hobby applications
  • Easy to work with; Prefluxed built-in rosin core; No rosin flux application mess; Good electrical & thermal conductivity; Compatible with most soldering irons and equipment;
  • Low melting temperature point: 376 Degrees F; Shorter soldering time; Weight 50g; Approximate length: 0.6mm, 25M; 0.8mm, 14M; 1mm,9M; 1.5mm, 4M; Continuous length and consistent gauge and core;