Reusable Produce Bags with Drawstring from Cotton Fabric, Muslin Washable Vegetable Bags for Grocery Shopping, Bread; 6 PCs; by Mandala Crafts

$ 14.49

Product Description

Do you know we produce more than 150 million tons of plastic every year just for single-use purposes but it will last on the earth for several hundred years? Have you noticed your green leafy veggies such as cilantro only last couple days in a plastic bag? This pack of reusable produce bags with an organic and vegan touch will change your grocery shopping style and create zero waste. Made from thick woven muslin fabric with interior seams hemmed and free of fraying, this set of cotton produce bags is completely free of plastic. The breathable fabric absorbs a lot of the excess moisture and keeps green leafy and root vegetables fresh longer, herbs wilt slower, and baked goods and bread stay soft.

Compared to reusable mesh produce bags, these cloth bags are without leaks and have less of a chance to damage the vegetable. These are ideal shopping or storage bags for fruits, vegetables, onions, potatoes, or carrots. The tightly woven fabric is great for storing flour, powdered spices, nuts, beans, rice, seeds, oats, gains, and sugar. For baking hobbyists, the bags are handy to store your homemade baked goods. The uses are so versatile that the bags also make great gift bags, storage bags for toys and game controllers, dust bags for craft items, clothes, soaps, or sheets. Roll these vegetable bags up and slip them in your purse or keep them on hand in your car today! Next time when you go to the grocery store or farmer’s market, pull these out to make a statement and help protect our environment.

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Premium Quality Produce Bags
  • Made from natural and unbleached natural cotton
  • Chemical free, odorless, and biodegradable
  • Thickly woven yet breathable fine muslin fabric

  • Easy to tie cotton drawstring
  • Customizable and printable
  • 100% plastic and BPA free

Versatile Cotton Bags with Drawstring

  • Vegetable bags for green veggies, root vegetables, rice, flours, spices
  • Bread bags for baked goods
  • Brew, strain, or filter bags for coffee, tea, or nut milk
  • Drawstring cloth storage sacks for toys, clothes, or bed sheets
  • Gift bags for favors and presents

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Reusable and washable
  • Breathable and keeps veggies fresh longer

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Washing Instructions

  • Cotton material inevitably will shrink slightly after washing. This set of produce bags is made from cotton, which will inevitably shrink slightly after washing. Machine wash and hang dry to minimize shrinkage.
  • Soak in lukewarm water with a scoop of cleaning powder for half an hour, rinse with clean water, and hang dry to avoid shrinking completely.

Hardy Produce Bags

The cotton bags can be put directly into refrigerator or freezer.

No plastic, period!

This set of produce bags is 100% free of plastic and BPA. The drawstring is made from cotton and the packing box is made from recycled paper.

Size and Tare Weight

Although the weight is negligible, the tare weight is stamped on every bag with oz, pound, and gram just for your convenience. Simply ask the cashier to deduct it and you are all set. .

  • Large: 0.07 LB / 1.1 OZ / 31 Grams; 12 X 15 Inches
  • Medium: 0.05 LB / 0.8 OZ / 23 Grams; 10 X 12 Inches
  • Small: 0.04 LB / 0.6 OZ / 17 Grams; 8 X 10 Inches

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Muslin Drawstring Bags Rose Burlap Bags Drawstring Burlap Bags Burlap Wine Bags
Material Muslin Burlap Burlap Burlap
Quantity 50 PCs 50 PCs 20 PCs
  • Produce bags made from natural and unbleached natural cotton; Chemical free, odorless, eco-friendly, and biodegradable; Sturdy and durable; Lightweight, reusable, and washable; Thickly woven yet breathable fine muslin fabric; Can be put directly in the fridge or freezer;
  • Vegetable bags for green veggies, root vegetables, rice, flour, spices; Bread bags for baked goods; Brew, strain, or filter bags for coffee, tea, or nut milk; Drawstring cloth storage sacks for toys, clothes, or bed sheets; Environmentally friendly gift bags for favors and presents;
  • Packed in Mandala Crafts 100% recyclable paper box; Easy to tie cotton drawstring; 100% plastic and BPA free; Customizable and printable;
  • Bulk packaging; 6 bags; 2 of each small, medium, and large bags; Small size: 8"x10"; Medium size: 10"x12"; Large size: 12"x15"; Tare weight stamped on each bag;