Picture Hook Hanger with Nail Hanging Hardware Kit for Painting, Frames, Canvas Art, Photo Wall Mounting; Gold Medium 30 LBS 100 Packs by Mandala Crafts

$ 8.99

Product Description

Have you ever gone to a hardware store looking for picture hanging hooks in a reasonable size and came home empty handed? Is it frustrating when the free nails with your picture hooks turn out to be completely useless? This set of assorted picture hooks will not let you down. It comes in handy when your drywall will not allow you to hang art with just a nail. The nails in this set go through the bulgy head at an angle and provide a more heavy-duty and safe hold. This set negates the need to hammer into a stud and leaves the least damage on the wall. The inconspicuous hanger is barely noticeable and super easy to both install and remove. It can be used individually or together with another hanging set to secure heavy weights and keep pictures straight.

The separately packed premium quality nails with sharp edges are easy to get into wood, plaster, or sheet rock wall without causing cracks. For hanging holiday decor, pallet signs, wreaths, or garden flower plates, the hangers will provide a secure attachment. Keep this handy assorted kit around your home and you will be able to hang photos, clocks, arts, mirrors, and wall décor like a pro. For artists, interior designers, or gallery owners, this box of picture hangers provides an efficient solution for all your hanging needs.

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Premium Quality Picture Hangers
  • Made from zinc plated alloy metal
  • Nails included with shaped edges negate the need to hammer into a stud
  • Durable, strong, and sturdy

  • Compatible with picture hanging wires and d-rings

Versatile Picture Hanging Hooks

Suited for galleries, frame shops, art projects, interior design, and residential uses

  • Mirrors and frames
  • Artwork, canvas art, and paintings
  • Photos and plaques
  • Signs, clocks, and wreaths
  • Wreaths and wall decor

  • Can be used individually or together
  • Easy to install on wood, sheet rock, or plaster walls
  • Easy to remove with minimal drywall damage

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Picture Hanging D-Rings Picture Hanging Triangle Rings Picture Hanging Wire Sawtooth Picture Hanger
Material Alloy Metal Alloy Metal Stainless Steel Alloy Metal

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  • Picture hooks with nails made from zinc plated alloy metal; Durable, strong, and sturdy picture hanging hooks;
  • Picture hanger system to mount mirrors, artwork, canvas art, photos, plaques, signs, clocks, paintings, wreaths, brooms, or frames; Can be used individually or together;
  • Easy to install on wood, sheetrock, or plaster walls; Easy to remove with minimal drywall damage; Compatible with picture hanging wire and d-rings; Suited for galleries, frame shops, art projects, interior design, and residential uses;
  • Picture hanging hardware in bulk wholesale packaging; Quantity: 100 sets; Size: Small: 0.8 X 0.16 (W) X 0.3"(D); Hold up to 20 pounds; Medium: 1 X 0.2(W) X 0.3" (D); Hold up to 30 pounds; Large: 1.5 X 0.25(W) X 0.3:(D); Hold up to 50 lbs; Extra Large: 1.7 X 0.35(W) X 0.5"(D) Hold up to 100 lbs;