Mudra Crafts Tibetan Buddhist Indoor Outdoor Satin Windhorse Vertical Prayer Flags (Green Tara)

$ 9.99

Tibetan prayer flags are normally printed with auspicious symbols, mantra prayers, Buddhas, lungta, prayers, or affirmation messages to promote peace, compassion, and wisdom. Tibetans hang them in temples, mountains, stupas, shrines, businesses, and houses. Vertical prayer flags are called Dharchok in Tibetan. It is to hang on a pole using the cord sewn on the edged of the flags. The prayer flags are normally not hemmed so that it will gradually disintegrate in the wind over time to spread the prayers and blessings into all pervading space.

The satin fabric we used to print the prayer flags is very durable. Our unique collections Buddha and prayer designs, uncompromising quality of the durable material used and meticulous printing quality set us apart from others. The prayer flags are neatly rolled in a box and ready to hang. All colorful flags are sewed on one ribbon. It is very easy to hang them in backyard, porch, garden, fence, barn, or park for decorations, internal peace, party, picnic, or a special event to hear it flapping in the breeze. It can also hang in family room, living room, shelves, yoga studio, or meditation room or lay in on your altar for good Feng Shui or to create a religious or peaceful atmosphere.

  • DURABLE SATIN POLYESTER TIBETAN VERTICAL PRAYER FLAGS - Long lasting and weather resistant; Flag Size: About 37 x 28 Inches
  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR DECORATION- Can be used as outdoor flags, indoor home decorations, or altar supplies;
  • RICH VIBRANT COLORS- Meticulously printed with traditional method in Nepal; Deep and non fading colors;
  • SPREAD PEACE, LOVE, HARMONY, GOODWILL, and BLESSING- The frayed edges design ensures it will wear in the wind carrying the message.