Mudra Crafts Wooden Foldable Meditation Bench Kneeling Stool for Prayer Kneeler - Ergonomic Meditation Seat Seiza Bench for Yoga - Meditation Stool with Cushion

$ 149.99

$ 49.99


This foldable but secure meditation bench with a minimalist touch provides steady and firm support and will help you concentrate by taking pressure away from your ankles, hips, legs, and joints in kneeling. It is also great for praying and seiza practices. The following features set our benches apart.

* Meticulously designed tilted slope surface; Holds your spine in a perfect position;
* Reliable, tight, and heavy duty hinges; Anti collapsing; No Wiggling; Quiet and sturdy;
* Elegant & compact design; Great portability: Folding Size: 18 X 7 X 3.5";
* High quality & durable woven cotton fabric upholstery padding: Easy to sit on; No mushy feeling; No sliding;
* High quality wood with a light layer of stain; Environmentally friendly;
* Very reasonable price with uncompromising workmanship;
* Free tri-colored starter wooden mala prayer beads with a removable Mandala charm;

This relaxing bench is a wonderful alternative to a meditation cushion, zafu, zambuton, or chair. It is beautifully constructed with a perfect fit and finish. It is sustainable and well crafted with care and love. It is not only aesthetically pleasing in its simplicity, but also delightful to use. It can be easily folded to store away or tuck it in a suitcase or a car trunk for a meditation, zazen, or yoga workshop, class, or retreat.

Whether you practice Vipassana meditation or are doing hero or lotus cross-legged pose, it will help you maintain your posture, stay focused, and relax. By tucking your legs underneath it and sitting upright, it will prevent fatigue and leg numbing, ease back or neck pain, remove strain, and allow you to enter very deep meditative states without shifting positions. For those who have hip, ankle, or knee problems, or are not very flexible, this bench will offer an effortless sitting experience in kneeling. This stylish bench is also a great conversation starter.

  • STABLE & STURDY - Natural solid pine wood; Slow shutting durable metal hinges; No collapsing; No falling screws; No squeaking;
  • LIGHT, PORTABLE, COMPACT- 3.7 lbs; Travel friendly; Easy to store;
  • ANGLED COMFORTABLE SEAT - Ergonomic design; Great for Yoga, meditation, or praying;
  • UNIVERSAL - Fit people up to 6' 1" with normal BMI; Back Height: 8"; Front height: 7"; Length: 17";
  • WARRANTY - 30 days Mudra Crafts no questions asked. USPTO registered brand; Mandala Crafts is the only distributor;