Mudra Crafts Buddha Head Statue Ceramic Essential Oil Burner - Tealight Wax Burner with Lid – Candle Wax Melt Burner Buddha Decor Aromatherapy Diffuser

$ 12.99

Product Description

Are you looking for a scented oil burner to fill your room with fragrant aromas and also add a boho touch to your space? Do you feel an electric oil diffuser is just missing that Zen feeling? Then it is time to go back to an old-fashioned wax diffuser. This cordless Buddha head fragrance oil burner is convenient to use and also makes a great addition to your home décor. Made with great craftsmanship, this elegant buddha wax burner is a spiritual symbol of blessing, happiness, tranquility and to purify the wellness of your mind. No more hassles to plug-in and turn it on and off. Unlike an electronic oil diffuser, this traditional heated oil burner is truly portable and very convenient to place anywhere. The functional and long-lasting Buddha diffusers for essential oils are very simple to use and to maintain. The lid on the holes effectively prevents dust in the air, avoids overheating, and allows the fragrance to go through while the lid is on. With sufficient depth in the bowl to hold simmering essential oil and water, the Buddha aromatherapy diffuser exudes a pleasant fragrance in the air and its flickering candle light will bring your serenity and add a cozy peaceful vibe to your house.

An artful and graceful appeal to any indoor space around the home, this Buddha head essential oil diffuser is also a refined ornamental item to sit on a table, desk, nightstand, shelf or counter. Whether it is an Asian gift for yourself or a token of appreciation for your partner, family, or friends who are followers of Buddhism for special occasions such birthdays, Anniversaries, housewarming gatherings, and Holidays, this tealight wax burner will never go wrong. This exquisite wax essential oil burner will be truly appreciated by your loved ones.

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Premium Quality Wax Warmer
  • Made from porcelain
  • Removable lid with ventilation holes
  • Open top and lid with holes to prevent overheating and provide efficient fragrance diffusing
  • Deep oil bowl for longer burning time

  • Easy to clean
  • Exquisite workmanship

Versatile Applications

  • Essential Oil
  • Scented Wax
  • Candle Melts
  • Cone Incense
  • Tarts

  • Coordinates with other decors well
  • Bohemian and Zen style Buddha decoration

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  • Ceramic oil burner with translucent finish; Durable and sturdy; Non-electric aroma oil burner with large water bowl and holes to prevent from overheating; Polished smooth, matte finish and exquisite workmanship; Easy to clean
  • Candle wax burner for home decoration, meditation, yoga, and Feng Shui practices; Oil incense burner for burning essential oil, soy wax, pagoda incense cones, tea leaves, wax tarts, scented wax or fragrant powder
  • Scented wax burner for homes, offices, spas, hotels, bars, shops, temples, beauty salons, and yoga studios; Portable wax oil burner for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, or Zen sanctuary spaces; Decorative tealight oil burner for shelves, tables, night stands counters, or altars
  • Wax incense burner to be used with water and drops of oils or scent solids; Buddha candle oil burner pairs well with other decor
  • Candle oil diffuser burner with large tealight candle holder opening; Size: 5.5 (H) X 4 X 4 Inches; Tealight compartment opening: 2 X 1.75 inches; Oil holder bowl size: 2.5(W) X 1 (H) inches; Black essential oil burner tealight operated