Zipper Pull Replacement Zipper Extension Cord Pulls for Backpacks Luggage Dresses Purses Jackets Black 100 PCs by Mandala Crafts

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Product Description

Did you have a hard time unzipping your ski jacket in freezing weather with your gloves on? Is your metal zipper making a pesky clinking sound when you walk around? This set of sturdy and durable zipper pulls will help. No more fumbling fingers! No more jingling sound! The long and curved zipper pull tab is textured for easy grip, even if your fingers are icy or you are wearing gloves. The solid nylon zipper cord has outstanding tensile strength. The installation as simple as looping the zipper hole around the slider or through the hole on the existing tab if you do not need to replace the whole tab.

These are a life saver for people who have arthritis, are elderly, or disabled. It makes zipping so easy that even your toddlers will be able to zip their own jackets. The functional zipper pulls are almost universal and will work for most clothing from leather jackets to dresses. You can also install it on jeans, boots, or jerseys.

For tents, coolers, backpacks, wallets, and duffel bags, this hardy zipper pull will make the zipper much easier to operate. This set of stylish zipper pulls will instantly rejuvenate your old zippers with broken zipper tabs. The zipper pulls are waterproof and even work great for boat and jeep soft tops or windows.

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Premium Zipper Pulls
  • Made from nylon cord and silicone gel material
  • Curve-shaped and no-slip textured gripper

  • Universal and unisex design

Versatile Applications

  • Extenders for existing zipper tabs for easy grip
  • Replacements for broken zipper tabs
  • Upholstery, tents, and campers
  • Duffel bags, backpacks, suitcases, and luggage,
  • Golf bags and sports gear
  • Car and boat tops
  • Coats, jackets, jeans, dresses, and hoodies
  • Purses and wallets
  • Shoes and boots

  • Strong, soft, and sturdy
  • Easy to install and work with
  • Quiet and heavy duty

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  • Zipper cord made from durable nylon cord and silicone gel material; Curve-shaped and non-slip textured gripper tag for easy grip; Strong, soft, and sturdy zipper pull cord; Ergonomic and unisex design; Universal and heavy-duty
  • Replacement zipper pull, zipper fixer, or zipper extender for backpacks, jackets, purses, suitcases, upholstery, tents, jeep and boat soft tops, or hoodies
  • Zipper extension cord thickness: 1.5mm or 1/16 inch; Zipper pull overall length: 2.5 Inches; Zipper pull cord length: 1.5 inches; Zipper tag length: 1 inch
  • Nylon zipper pulls in bulk and wholesale package; 100 zipper pulls