Yellow Evil Eye Beads 8mm 150 Round Greek and Turkish Eye Beads for Jewelry Making, Charms, Ornaments; by Mandala Crafts

$ 10.99

Product Description

Have you noticed that glass evil eye beads add too much weight to your Turkish eye jewelry design and it is hard to find beads that are completely identical? This pack of evil eye beads might be the answer. They look exactly like glass beads but without the imperfections. The resin material will not cut or unravel the jewelry string like glass ones do. The loose evil eye beads are all identical, and you do not need to meticulously find matching beads for your jewelry making projects.

With this pack of evil eye beads with authentic designs, making Turkish nasar eye styled jewelry cannot be easier. The only tools you need are a pair of scissors and a roll of elastic string. Insert a headpin into the bead, to easily make it into an earring, a pendant, or a charm. For crafty people, this lot of evil eye beads makes unique designs to create car hangers, home décor to ward off the evil eye, keychains, or even dreamcatchers.

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Premium Quality Evil Eye Beads
  • Made from resin
  • Smooth, drilled-through holes
  • Lead-free and will not irritate skin
  • Light and easy to string

Versatile Jewelry Making and Crafting Applications

  • Design evil eye bracelets, pendants, necklace, anklets, or earrings
  • Create kabbalah hamsa hand jewelry and amulets to ward off the evil eye
  • Build evil eye bead charms
  • Craft key chains, bookmarks, car hangers, or dream catchers
  • Decorate homes

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Pair well with other beads and jewelry findings

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Evil Eye Bracelet Making Instructions

Step 1

  • Collect loose evil beads, hematite beads, Hamsa hand evil eye charms, and jewelry elastic fiber
  • A pair of scissors
  • Jewelry glue (Optional)

Step 2

  • String the beads
  • Connect the hand charm

Step 3

  • Optional: drop a dab of jewelry glue on the knot
  • Hide the knots inside bead holes

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Elastic Jewelry Fiber Premium Crystal String Crystal String Fabric Elastic Cord Lava Beads
Elasticity Superior High Medium High N/A
  • Evil eye beads made from resin; Round shaped with smooth, drilled-through holes; Light and easy to string; Lead-free and will not irritate skin; Waterproof;
  • Great for warding off the evil eye or for jewelry making like kabbalah hamsa hand jewelry, amulets, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, anklets, and charms; Evil eye crafting accessories for keychains, bookmarks, car hangers, home decorations, or dreamcatchers;
  • Pair well with other beads made from gemstones, metal, pearls, or glass; Compatible with other jewelry accessories and findings such as wire, thread, string, cord, and headpins;
  • Bulk evil eye wholesale pack; 150 loose evil eye beads; Size: 8mm; Hole size: about 2mm; Consistent shape, size, and pattern;