Mandala Crafts 100 PCs Green Floral Wire Stems - Flower Wire for Crafts Flower Arrangement - 16 Inches Florist Wire for Floral Stems 18 Gauge Floral Wire

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Product Description

Does your ordinary paper covered floral wire peel very easily and create a mess? Are you looking for fine floral wire that curls into different shapes without chipping or snapping?This florists wire pack is exactly what you need.Made from tough yet flexible material, these wire flower stems are designed to easily turn and twist to construct beautiful flower arrangements and handiworks. Compared to cloth covered floral wire or paper wrapped wire stems, the craft floral wire is covered with vinyl and is safe to use in dry and water-soaked environments without fear of corrosion. This wrapped floral wire set emanates an organic appeal and is constructed with adaptable colors to blend and match a variety of décor. Unlike paddle wire spools, these fine gauge floral wire stems come straight, precut, and ready to use at your convenience. The floral wires are not only enduring and reliable but will provide enough quantity to last multiple projects.

Whether you’re a professional floral designer or hobbyist, this metal floral wire for flower arrangements is a must-have tool for grouping or positioning flower bunches and greenery. With great durability, the long floral wire is capable of hanging plants, splicing stems, and holding extra weight such as heavy vines and burlap, fondant, or gumpaste flowers. No more flower wire stems that move around or fall off. These wire floral stems will ensure the stability of your formations and enable varying height and dimensions. For handicrafts, the craft wire sticks are great for beading projects, holding cake decorations, decorating photo albums and scrapbooks, or attaching embellishments to cosplay garments. The coated floral wire can even be used to make dolls, scarecrows, sculptures, and substitute branches or handles. This stem floral wire pack saves time and is a surefire way to keep your creations stunning and secure.

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Premium Quality Florist Wires
  • Made from iron metal and covered with vinyl coating
  • Professional grade
  • No peeling when bending and fracture-resistant
  • Bendable but stiff enough to hold its shape

  • Durable and flexible
  • Waterproof

Versatile Applications

  • Create, arrange, wrap, or wire fresh flowers, artificial flowers, gum-paste flowers, or bouquets
  • Hanging ornaments and light items
  • Make holiday decorations
  • Build wreaths and garlands
  • Design dolls and scarecrows
  • Beading and jewelry making

  • Precut straight for convenience
  • 100 straight floral wires

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Stem Wires

Paddle Wires

Wreath Making

Flower Arrangements

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Aluminum Wire Aluminum Wire Combo Waxed Twine
Material Aluminum Aluminum Polyester
Floral Arrangement Yes Yes Yes
  • Thin floral wire covered with vinyl coating made from premium-quality iron metal; Durable and sturdy; Pre-cut professional grade floral stem wire; No peeling when bent and fracture-resistant; Bendable but stiff enough to hold shape; Lightweight and waterproof; Rust-resistant and lead-free wire stems
  • Floral stem wire for DIY crafts and flower arrangements; Floral bind wire for arranging, wrapping, binding, or wiring; Stem wire for artificial flowers, gum-paste flowers, fresh flowers, and foliage such as bouquets
  • Vinyl covered craft wire for wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, wire floral cages, wire floral baskets, or hanging décor; Flower stems for crafts and clothes making; Floral craft wire for hanging ornaments or string lights and making masks, sculptures, bows, corsages, boutonnieres, headdresses, flower crowns, or costume pieces
  • Easy-to-bend soft floral wire; Easy to bend, twist, curl, cut and wrap; Professional grade colored floral wire pairs well with ribbon and paper pom poms
  • Florist supplies wire bulk wholesale pack; 100 PCs; Floral wire length: 16 in or 40 cm; Thickness: 1mm or 18 gauge floral wire