Mandala Crafts Whipping Twine, Lacing Cord String from Wax Polyester for Cable Tie, Sail Repair, Gardening, Crafting (Black)

$ 10.99

Product Description

Do you wish there were flexible zip ties without sharp edges when you frap ropes, whip rope ends, or rack cables? This waxed twine with strong friction resistance is the solution. The heavy wax prevents the lacing twine tape from slipping and sliding or degrading quickly like zip ties will. With a proper cinch knot, this string will secure just about anything more tightly than a zip tie will.

For electrical projects, this type of twines has been used by telco technicians for decades for dressing cables and harnessing assemblies in manufacturing. It is very useful for situations where nylon wires or zip ties don't fit. It not only works great for cable lacing and tying up the end of the wires to go through a conduit, but also comes in handy for organizing automotive wiring.

The waxed twine is waterproof and UV resistant. For outdoor projects such as lashing bamboo trellises, fences, or tying bushes and gardening plants, it knots up nicely and will last for years. It is hard to find line thread for marine sailmakers and boaters to stitch or mend canvas sails or secure buoys to jet skis. The cording is also great for crafting purposes. From windchime cord replacement, upholstery repair projects, to medieval style crossbow and bow repairing, this twine will work magic. The application of the twine is so versatile that it is can also hang indoor or outdoor decorations or wrap fabric pieces for tie dye.

Durable Whipping Twine

  • Made from polyester and heavily coated with wax
  • Weather resistant
  • Strong and long lasting
  • Easy to tie knots and work with
  • Consistent waxing and continuous length

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Telco and Electrical Uses

  • Rack cables
  • Organize electrical cords
  • Harness assemblies
  • Tie down wires

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Versatile Applications

  • Sew or mend sails
  • Repair upholstery
  • Repair old-fashioned crossbows and bows
  • Splice cords

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Gardening and Crafting

  • Lash bamboo trellises
  • Repair fences
  • Tie down bushes
  • Secure plants
  • Hang ornaments
  • Repair wind chimes

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  • Lacing twine made from polyester and wax; Durable, strong, and grippy; Non-stretch; Heavily wax coated to reduce fraying and improve knot holding; Flat shaped
  • Great for racking cables and wires, whipping ropes, sail repairs, cord splicing, gardening, hanging, upholstery, or crafting
  • Bulk packaging; Length per roll: 150M (164 yards or 492 Feet); Thickness: 1mm; 9-ply: 9 filaments braided into one strand
  • Easy to work with; Consistent waxing and continuous length