Mandala Crafts Welt Cord, Polyester Cotton Piping Filler for Drapery, Pillow, Upholstery, Trimming, Sewing, Crafting (1/4 Inch or 6mm, 20 Yards, Natural)

$ 11.99

Product Description

Are you looking for upholstery piping for pillows that will retain its configuration over time? Do you feel cotton piping trim is too soft to maintain its shape? This single-rope polyester welting cord is just what you need. Made from blended cotton and a reliable cellulose encasing, this piping upholstery cord is not only soft to the touch but is also capable of maintaining its shape to construct beautiful and professional-looking trim. From embellishing garments to accenting furniture, the solid and malleable piping sewing cord accommodates a wide range of sewing projects. The polyester cotton piping for sewing is easy to match different fabrics and this long-length spool of welt piping by the yard provides you with enough upholstery welting for multiple projects.

This upholstery welt cord piping adds utility and decorative touches to any quilting, upholstery, remodeling, or interior design project in and around the home. From edging placemats, armchairs, love seats, bench pads, to trimming duvet and mattress covers or patio furniture, this welting cording for upholstery does it all. Unlike natural cotton welt cord, the polyester piping for upholstery is less absorbent to liquid and has better firmness to create straight or curved edges and corners. For clothes and accessory making, the craft piping cord makes purses, costume pieces, and cosmetic or diaper bags with ease. Well-made and remarkably easy to install, this welt cord trim ensures an elegant and clean-looking finish you’ll be sure to love!

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Flexible Piping Filler Cord
  • Made from polyester and cellulose cotton
  • Washable and less absorbent
  • Fray-free
  • Continuous length and consistent thickness
  • Semi-firm, pliable, and soft

Versatile DIY Applications

Piping Solution for Upholstery and Sewing:

  • Decorate sofa, chair, or bench edging
  • Add complimentary seams to pillows, blankets, and quilts
  • Embellish drapes, placemats, and tablecloths

DIY Crafting and Sewing:

  • Edge pocket openings or necklines on garments
  • Accent aprons and other DIY fabric sewing projects
  • Create professional-looking purses or pouches

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Size T90 #92 280D/3 1/2 Inch 32 Inches Long 4.4 Yards Long; 1.25 Inches Thick Assorted Sizes
Quantity 12 Neutral Colors 5 X 12 Yards 1 Zipper 1 Zipper with 16 Sliders 152 Pieces
  • Polyester piping cording made from cellulose cotton fiber covered with polyester fabric; Semi-firm cotton cording for piping; Machine-washable and dryable; Free of fraying; Pliable and soft piping welt cord but holds shape well; Single rope poly welt cord
  • Cord piping for sewing and DIY crafting; Sewing piping cord for upholstery trim and furniture edging; Polyester cotton cord for piping throw pillows, slipcovers, bedding, headboards, quilts, valances, draperies, rugs, sofas, and chairs; Cushion piping for marine and automobile seat
  • Welting cord for sewing clothing or accessories such as masks, keychains, or handbags; Fabric piping cord compatible with fabric, leather, or vinyl
  • This durable cording for sewing piping is suitable for indoor and outdoor use; Compatible with a wide range of fabrics from vinyl to leather, this polyester piping cord is less moisture-absorbent when compared to natural cotton piping
  • Wholesale fabric piping cord for sewing; 20 yard or 60-foot-long sewing cord piping by the yard; Width: ¼ inches or 6mm; With consistent thickness and continuous length, this polyester cotton piping cording neatly wound on a spool for easy dispensing and storage