Mandala Crafts Weaving Thread and Needle Set for Hair, Wigs, Hair Extensions, Weft Sewing

$ 14.99

Product Description

How frustrating is it when your thread runs out during the hair weaving process? Or when you break a needle and have no replacement on hand? Now this hair needle and thread kit is a life saver. There are 24 rolls of weaving thread in each kit and a jumbo set of needles. You will never need to persuade your husband or boyfriend to fetch more in the middle of hair weaving. This handy kit will last for several hair weaving projects and is enough for a whole head of African threading. Black, brown, or blonde hair? We have you covered. The shades are close true to colors and the tension is much stronger than cotton weaving threads.

This thread is thick and strong enough to hold for a long period of time for attaching a wig, ponytail, weft, or extensions to natural human hair and weaving caps or nets. It is also handy to attach hair to clips to make clip-in hair extensions.

Salon Quality Hair Weave Thread Needle Kit

  • Thread made from polyester and needles from nickel-plated alloy metal
  • Soft, durable, and breathable thread
  • Smooth, durable, and corrosion resistant hair needles
  • Easy to pass through needle holes

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Versatile Applications

  • Hair weaving
  • Hair plaiting
  • Hair wrapping
  • Wig, extensions, weft, and ponytail sewing

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Hair Thread Jumbo Pack

  • 24 rolls
  • 60 meters each roll
  • Total length: 1440 meters or 1575 yards;

Solid Hair Needles

  • 20 curved hair needles
  • 50 T pins
  • Total quantity: 70 needles

Easy to Use

  • Great thread tension
  • Continuous length and consistent color

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