Mandala Crafts Tinsel Garland Décor – Thin Tinsel Ribbon - Metallic Mini Garland with Wire for Christmas Tree Decoration Wedding Birthday Party Supplies Gold 0.75 Inch 10 Yards

$ 8.99

Product Description

Are you looking for something glittery to spice up your event decorations? This antique inspired miniature tinsel garland is the answer. Made from shed-free material with a shiny sheen and malleable string, the tinsel garland holds together well while crafting and won’t make a mess. To get into the holiday spirit just wrap this tinsel garland around a banister, pole, or tree or hang it from windows, staircases, mailboxes, mantels, or doorways. The flexible string is easy to twist, shape, tie, or cut and the tiny tinsel garland pairs well with other décor as well as light fixtures.

For holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, Hanukkah, Easter, Halloween, or New Year’s Eve, this colored tinsel will instantly spruce up your house. No longer will you have to deal with messy tinsel strings on your Christmas tree. This eye-catching long tinsel garland will fill the spaces between the branches nicely.

Use for Decorating & DIY Crafting!

Premium Quality Tinsel Garland
  • Made from Polyvinyl Chloride & String
  • Easy to Bend, Twist & Cut
  • Use in Your Home, Office, Garden, Classroom or Business

  • Sturdy & Durable
  • Flexible & Shapeable
  • Suited for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Metallic Tinsel Garland Ribbon

Great Décor for Holidays, Parties & Celebrations

  • Great for creating holiday decor such as tinsel trims, festive wreaths, hanging ornaments, as well as decorating trees & wrapping presents
  • Add a festive touch by wrapping around poles & handrails, hanging from doorways & windows or adding a trim to tables & bulletin boards
  • Suited for all celebrations: Christmas, Hanukkah, Mardi Gras, New Year's Eve, Easter, Halloween, birthdays, weddings, graduations & more!

  • Shiny, Fluffy & Soft to the Touch
  • Old-Fashioned Vintage Look
  • Easy Way to Add Sparkle & Shine

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Material Burlap 120 gsm Offset & Cardstock Paper Rice Paper & Iron Wire Acrylic Polyester
Size/Length Two 15-Foot Banners; 30 Feet Total Eight Fans; Size Range 7-15 Inches Ten 12-Inch Diameter Lanterns 8mm Pearls; 20 Yards 1 Inch Wide; 20 Yards
Other Variations Available?
  • Mini tinsel tree garland made from polyvinyl chloride and string; Lead free; Durable, sturdy, flexible and shapeable; Shiny, fluffy and soft to the touch
  • Metallic tinsel ribbon garland for DIY crafts, floral arrangements, weddings, parties, special events, festivals and holidays; Add sparkle decor to handrails, doorways, windows, poles, bulletin boards, or tables for your home, office, garden, or classroom
  • Thin tinsel garland for creating vintage style Christmas tinsel trims, xmas sweaters, costumes, center pieces, festive wreaths, hanging ornaments, decorating trees and bushes, and wrapping presents
  • Shed resistant mini tinsel garland with sparkly sheen; Easily bend, twist, and cut; Fits indoor and outdoor use
  • Tinsel garland in bulk wholesale packaging; Continuous length; Length: 30 ft or 10 yards; Width: about 0.75 in