Mandala Crafts Soft Drawstring Replacement Rope Upholstery Crochet Macramé Cotton Welt Trim Piping Cord (Chocolate Brown, 4mm)

$ 4.60

Product Description

This bulk roll of colored rope is easy to work with but strong and heavy-duty enough to take some abuse even when used as a sash cord. The rope is woven with micro cording and made from a cotton blend, which gives it an organic touch. The heat fusible quality makes it perfect for finishing off your project without having to tie a knot. The matte surface mixes in well with other materials such as burlap, leather, or cotton.

The applications of the rope are so broad they are only limited by your imagination. As a piping or welting cord, it accents decorative cushions, pillows, cornices, quilts, table runners, rugs, and draperies. It provides custom details as an upholstery filler cord for chairs, sofas, or even seats for automobiles, boats, or airplanes. It can add personality to your decor when you get creative and wrap it around a mason jar or hanging planters.

The size of this flexible rope, as thin as 2mm and thick as 5mm, is perfect for macramé hobbyists to use it as a craft cord for Japanese braiding or Celtic and Chinese knotting. This can also be used to make lanyards, necklaces, bracelets, corsets, or belts. The cord is machine washable and has high tensile strength. This is the perfect replacement rope for hard to find drawstring rope used on shorts, hoodies, sweatpants, or bags. This rope does not reflect light and can also be great as theater tie lines or magic trick lines.

Durable Cotton Cord

  • Made from natural cotton and minimal polyester blend
  • Unglazed, unwaxed, odorless, and non-stretch
  • Braided pliable cord
  • Consistent color and continuous length
  • Heat fusible ends and fraying resistant

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Crafting and Macrame Cord

  • Drawstring replacement for hoodies and garments
  • Pouch and bag drawstrings
  • String replacements for sweatpants, corsets, bathing suits, and shorts
  • Crocheting cords
  • Bag and purse piping trim
  • Macrame cords for key fobs and rope bags
  • Crafting rope for DIY projects such as making aprons or gifts

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Versatile Applications

  • Hanging plants
  • Gardening rope
  • Wraps for mason jars and bottles
  • Theater tie lines
  • Magic trick lines

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Upholstery Piping Cord

  • Sofa piping trim
  • Pillow accent trim
  • Curtain rope
  • Cushion piping trim

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  • Made from natural cotton and minimal polyester blend; unglazed, braided, odorless, non stretch, unwaxed, and pliable;
  • VERSATILE: Piping, crocheting, knitting, macramé crafting, welting, sewing, tying, wrapping, hanging, decorating, and jewelry, garment, bag, or upholstery making;
  • Unbleached color and continuous - 2mm & 3mm: 50 Yards, 4mm: 30 Yards; 5mm: 20 Yards;
  • Heat fusible: Easy fraying treatments:;