Mandala Crafts Sn99 Ag0.3 Cu0.7 0.6mm 0.8mm 1mm 1.5mm Lead Free 2% Flux Rosin Core Solder Wire

$ 9.99

Size:50g, 60 40, 1.5mm

60-40 solder wires have lower melting point and can shorten your working time. This solder wire is commonly used in wave and hand-soldering, maintenance, repair and overhaul. The following features set our Mandala Crafts solder wire apart.

* Melts cleanly, heats evenly, and flows smoothly; Quick flow and adhesion; Leaves no residue; Clean solder joints;
* Fast wetting and maximum wetting spread; No spattering; No corrosion; Heat fatigue & oxidation resistant;
* Continuous and consistent; Minimum flux voids and irregularity;
*Cost effective; Built-in rosin core; No rosin flux application mess;
* Easy to work with; Shorter soldering time; Good electrical & thermal conductivity; Less slag and smoke;
* Compatible with most soldering irons;
* Manufacturer-direct; Reasonably priced; Long length for multiple projects;

No matter whether you are a hobby grade solderer or a professional, solder wire is an indispensable part of your welding projects. This wire has a number of applications. It is great for electrical and electronics soldering such as splicing, fixing LED strip lights, TV, motors, rotors, or circuit boards for TVs, radios, or PCs. It works especially well for soldering components. It can even be used in fixing car parts or fusing a statue to a metal base.

Approximately Inch / mm / Gauge Conversion

0.025" / 0.6mm / 22 gauge
0.032" / 0.8mm / 20 gauge
0.039" / 1mm / 18 Gauge
0.050" / 1.2mm / 16 Gauge
0.062" / 1.5mm / 14 Gauge

About Mandala Crafts

Mandala Crafts is located in Austin, TX. We have been making quality crafting products since 2001.
  • LOW MELTING POINT: 376 Degree F; Alloy Concentration: Tin 60%; Lead: 40%;
  • VERSATILE- Great for electronics, electrical, jewelry fixing, wire splicing, or crafting;
  • LONG WIRE- Weight 50g; Approximate length: 0.6mm, 25M; 0.8mm, 14M; 1mm,9M; 1.5mm, 4M;
  • EASY TO WORK WITH: Rosin flux core; No flux applying mess; Melts clean and flows smooth;
  • WARRANTY- 30-day no questions asked.Mandala Crafts, a trademark solely owned by Mandala Trading Inc., is the only distributor of Mandala Crafts.