Mandala Crafts Satin Rattail Cord String from Nylon for Chinese Knot, Macramé, Trim, Jewelry Making

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Product Description

If you are looking for a sturdy cord with a lavish appearance and malleable texture that is still able to keep its shape, no need to look further. This roll of variegated nylon rat tail satin cord is the answer. Instead of using cheaper normal polyester material, this cord is made from nylon, which adds tension strength and eliminates stretchiness. This stylish and sturdy cord is the best substitute to twine. The cord can be easily knotted, braided, or cut. The ends can be treated with heat to prevent fraying.

The swanky rattail cord with a shimmer finish is super adaptable. It will take your DIY crafting to the next level when you use it to create Chinese knots, wrap bottles, or weave dream catchers. It will add a pop of color when you use it as a ribbon cord to scrapbook, tie favors, decorate party accessories, and create ornaments. The cord is compatible with different beads and jewelry findings. For making red string kabbalah, friendship, and Kumihimo jewelry, this finger-friendly silk cord will make the process both easy and fun. The applications of the cord are only limited by your imagination. From soutache to wind chime repair, this cord covers it all. You will be surprised how much of a flare it can add when you use it to create lanyards, build tassels, sew drawstring bags, or even braid hair.

Nylon Satin Rattail Cord

  • Made from premium nylon materiel
  • Silky, shiny and soft
  • Vibrant color, colorfast, and non-fading
  • Non-stretch, durable, and sturdy
  • Easy to cut and work with; Heat treatable

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Malleable Crafting Cord

  • Chinese Knotting
  • Macramé
  • Dream-catcher making
  • Jewelry making
  • Kumihimo braiding
  • Soutache crafting

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Versatile Applications

  • Create tassels
  • Scrapbook
  • Build drawstring bags
  • Braid hair and create hair ornaments
  • Trim pillows and cushions
  • String lanyards

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Nylon Satin Cord Drawstring Piping Cord Waxed Cotton Cord
Color Dark Red Natural Assorted Colors
Size/Length 0.8mm, 109 Yards 2mm, 50 Yards 1mm, 10 Meters (Per Roll)
  • Round rattail satin cord made from nylon; Vibrant color, colorfast, and non-fading; Non-stretch, durable, and sturdy; Silky and shiny; Soft and super malleable; Easy to cut and work with
  • Great for knotting, macramé, jewelry making, veil trimming, bottle wrapping, favor wrapping, braiding, beading, threading, weaving, lacing, Kumihimo, soutache, scrapbooking, and DIY crafting
  • Premium bugtail satin cord to make dream catchers, tassels, drawstring bags, hair ornaments, jewelry, Chinese lucky knots, red string kabbalah bracelets, friendship bracelets, pendant necklaces, malas, lanyards, and gifts
  • Consistent thickness and continuous length; Bulk supplies; Roll length: 100 yards; Thickness: 2mm; Compatible with most jewelry findings and beads with large holes such as pony beads