Mandala Crafts Dragon Brocade Fabric by The Yard for Upholstery and Fashion Clothing Design

$ 69.99

Product Description

Are you looking for unique exotic oriental fabric with a Chinese dragon design? Is satin too soft and hard to keep its shape? This premium dragon textile could be the answer. This superior fabric is not common brocade you would find in a fabric store. You will immediately be surprised by the quality once you touch it. It is broadly used in Nepalese, Tibetan, and Chinese high-end upholstery and for clothing design. Compared to regular Chinese satin brocade, this dragon fabric is thicker and more heavy duty. The elegant pattern and durable material will add an instant flair to your projects.

The material is thick and durable. Tibetans use this kind of fabric to decorate their houses, altars, and temples. It is a very unique material to be made into tablecloths, altar cloths, dresses, sofa covers, cushions, curtains, or other art objects. The fabric is easy to cut or stitch by hand or with machines. For fashion designers, this unique and hard to find brocade material will for sure make your design stand out no matter whether you are using it as an accent piece or main material. For interior designers, this brocade will be the missing piece to add the chic and bohemian touch to your projects.

Premium Ethnic Brocade Fabric

  • Made from premium brocade
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Elegant and unique design
  • Heavily woven and with great weight
  • Non-stretch and fraying resistant

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Exotic Tibetan & Chinese Fabric
  • Traditional Tibetan temple and home decor
  • High-end Chinese formal dress

Versatile Brocade Fabric

  • Fashion design
  • Cushion covers
  • Tablecloths, draperies, and curtains
  • Art projects and tapestries
  • Quilting and bedding covers
  • Sofa, chair, and furniture fabric
  • Handbags and purses
  • Costumes

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  • Thick brocade fabric textile made from metallic polyester; Sturdy and durable; Elegant and unique design; Shiny sheen and silky surface; Heavy woven and with great weight; Non-stretch; Minimum fraying;
  • Great for clothing design or upholstery such as making cushions, sofas, chairs, tablecloths, draperies, curtains, tapestries, handbags, and purses; Commonly used in Tibet and Nepal for decoration, bedding, and upholstery and China for high-end traditionally formalwear, dresses, and costumes;
  • Easy to cut or sew by hand or machine; Continuous length and consistent width and pattern; Mix in with other material such as satin, cotton, or leather;
  • Brocade fabric by the yard; Width: 28.5 inches; Ironable and machine washable with cold & tumble dry low setting; Free copyright lotus charm;