Mandala Crafts Reptile Heat Lamp Light Bulb with UVB UVA Halogen Basking Lightbulb for Turtle, Lizard, Tortoise, Amphibian Habitat Terrarium Aquarium 6-Pack 50-watt E26 Base

$ 14.99

  • Heat lamp bulb made from metal and glass; Simulates full spectrum sun light with 97% UVA and 3% UVB; Sturdy and durable; Dimmable; Three-dimensional reflection; Mercury free
  • Reptile heat bulb to stimulate appetite, promote vitamin D3 synthesis, balance growth, and help digest and absorb calcium
  • Reptile light bulbs for reptile and amphibian pets such as aquatic turtles, lizards, bearded dragons, snakes, frogs, tropical iguanas, tortoises, and leopard geckos
  • Basking bulb compatible with a variety of clamp or built-in lighting fixtures on aquariums, terrariums, reptile cases, and fish tanks
  • Bulk wholesale packaging; Pack of 6; Voltage: 110v, 120V and 130V; 50-Watts; E26 screw base