Mandala Crafts Nylon Stainless Steel 20 21 22 Gauge 19 Strand Soft Flexible Jewelry Making Beading Wire

$ 49.99

$ 14.99

Color:0.6MM 98FT

This Mandala Crafts miniature cable string with a clear protective coating is a necessity for your crafting projects requiring strength and flexibility. The following features make our wire stand out.

- Ultra strong; Yields lasting and secure jewelry, beading, or stringing results;
- Holds shape well; Can be used with or without a needle;
- Softer, smoother, and drapes better than tiger tail wire; Dynamic & fluid designs;
- Moderate in hardness; Good in plasticity; Easy to twist and work with; Finger friendly;
- Super long packing length;

The application of the cord is broad. It can be used to make jewelry such as slim or chunky chokers, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets or illusion style jewelry and gives it a smoother and stronger curve. It can easily go though unevenly drilled holes and will not fray with sharp-edged beads. It can string light or heavy beads such as natural stone, metal, pearl, crystal, shell, glass, porcelain, trade, or seed beads. The ends can be finished with crimp beads and wire guardians. It can also be used in crafting, hanging art or pictures, or wrapping DIY projects such as creating beaded lanyards, handicrafts, garden decors, or even sewing up mesh baskets.

Available Sizes & Approximate Gauge Conversion

20 Gauge, 0.8mm; 21 Gauge: 0.7mm; 22 Gauge: 0.6mm;


0.6mm 50lb; 0.7mm 50lb; 0.8mm, 67lb;

About Mandala Crafts

Mandala Crafts is located in Austin, TX. We have been making quality jewelry accessories for more than 15 years. All our products are made with care and professionalism. Mandala Crafts, a trademark solely owned by Mandala Trading Inc., is the only distributor of Mandala Crafts.

  • ROUND, STURDY, RELIABLE - 19 strands; Braided stainless steel; Abrasion, fray, and kink resistant; Waterproof; Strong tension; No corrosion or discoloration;
  • SOFT, FLEXIBLE - Coated with a nylon jacket; Easy to twist or tie knots; Smooth on fingers; Holds shape well;
  • LONG PACKING - 0.6 & 0.7mm, 30M (98FT); 0.8mm, 20M (65 FT); Lowest per foot price;
  • VERSATILE - Jewelry making, crafting, stringing, hanging, wrapping, or beading;
  • Mandala Crafts WARRANTY- 30 days no question asked. All rights reserved.