Mandala Crafts Tiger-Tail Beading Wire for Jewelry Making - 7 Strand Bead Stringing Wire for Jewelry Making DIY Crafting 7 Strands 21 Gauge 0.7MM 98FT

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Product Description

Are you looking for a strong and supple craft beading wire? Have you ever wondered about how professional jewelers are able to create their bead strands with a fluid look? This spool of tiger tail wire for jewelry making is the answer. Made from stainless-steel metal strands, the beading string wire with impeccable tensile strength and superior malleability renders intricate designs and long-lasting handiworks. The nylon coated beading wire with a smooth surface will not scratch delicate jewelry components and is sleek enough to go through unevenly drilled or sharp-edged holes without impairing the beads or gemstones in any way. Good for any DIY project, the bead stringing wire thickness ranges from daily life to industrial use and can even be doubled or twisted together for extra support.

For jewelry making, this highly serviceable jewelry stringing wire glides through holes, eyelets, or knots without catching and strings small lightweight beads to large heavyweight beads such as seed beads, stone, metal, porcelain, shell, or crystal glass pendants for making malas, chokers, anklets, or illusion style pieces. For handicrafts, the water and oxidation-resistant DIY beading wire will not only retain its beauty and structure for indoor and outdoor use but will also enable you to seamlessly pair or thread a multitude of embellishments and materials for making toys, lanyards, key chains, wreaths, mesh baskets, or dreamcatchers. Handy around the house and garden, this flexible beading wire can be used to hang art, ornaments, picture frames, or sculptures for outdoor decorations and floral arranging. The uses of this beads wire are so broad that it can even be used for sewing mesh baskets or securing fence panels.

Tiger Tail Beading Wire

  • Made from stainless steel with a clear nylon coating
  • Soft, flexible, durable, and strong
  • Easy to twist, knot, and work with
  • Rust, abrasion, fray, and kink resistant
  • Great drape and holds shape well

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Supple Crafting Wire
  • Sun catchers
  • Wind chimes
  • Wrapping and hanging
  • Picture hanging
  • Furniture repair
  • Curtains and yard art

Versatile Jewelry Making Wire

The wire can easily go though unevenly drilled holes and will not fray with sharp-edged beads. It can string light or heavy beads such as natural stone, metal, pearl, crystal, shell, glass, porcelain, trade, or seed beads

  • Create bead strand gemstone jewelry
  • Design slim or chunky chokers, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets or illusion style jewelry, and waist beads
  • Build rosary prayer beads and malas
  • String pearls
  • Make seed bead jewelry

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Softness Medium Soft Soft Super Soft
0.3mm Wire Tensile Strength 14 Pounds N/A N/A
0.35mm Wire Tensile Strength 15 Pounds N/A N/A
0.38mm Wire Tensile Strength 18 Pounds N/A N/A
0.45mm WireTensile Strength 19 Pounds N/A 18 Pounds
0.5mm Wire Tensile Strength 25 Pounds N/A 22 Pounds
0.6mm Wire Tensile Strength 35 Pounds 50 Pounds 45 Pounds
0.7mm Wire Tensile Strength 50 Pounds 50 pounds 45 Pounds
0.8mm Wire Tensile Strength 70 Pounds 67 Pounds 52 Pounds
1mm Wire Tensile Strength 110 Pounds N/A 100 Pounds

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  • Beading jewelry wire made from stainless steel strands and clear nylon protective coating; Soft and flexible; Rust, abrasion, fray, and kink-resistant; Waterproof, corrosion-free and will not discolor; Smooth bead string wire with outstanding drape; Hold shape well
  • Bead wire for jewelry making, beading, weaving, wrapping, knitting, hanging, or repairing; Thin beading wire for making rings, earrings, ear wires, bracelets, necklaces, waist beads, pendants, or rosary prayer beads
  • 7 strand beading wire for crafts and home decor; Sturdy 7 strand wire for lanyards, keychains, sculptures, suncatchers, wind chimes, or flower arrangements; Tiger tail wire for light or heavy jewelry beads made from gemstones, pearls, glass, metal, ceramic, or wood
  • Fine beading wire compatible with jewelry findings such as crimp beads, wire guardians, jump rings, Easy to bend, cut, knot, twist, trim, or tie; Finger friendly bead jewelry wire
  • Beading wire 21 gauge or 0.7mm; Beading wire 7 strand on a reel for easy use and storage; Higher strand count equates to softer wire; Jewelry beading wire with continuous length