Mandala Crafts Natural Wood Slices for Centerpieces Crafts – Predrilled Wooden Circles Round Discs with Bark for Wood Burning Projects Arts Coaster Table Décor 20 PCs

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Product Description

Have you noticed that birch wood slices are too stiff, difficult to chisel, and tend to yellow over time? Do you feel that fake wood blanks lack an organic touch and authentic look? This kit of small wood pieces for crafts is the answer. Adding a rustic nature appeal to handcrafted masterpieces has never been easier with these craft wood pieces. Softer than hard drift wood slices, these enduring and renewable wood discs made from pinewood are easy to use with different tools and agents. The soft wood tree trunk slices with even and well-sanded flat surfaces are large enough for endless design choices and embellishments. Simply carve, mark, or dye, epoxy, glue, or hang with string to unleash your creativity with these plain and thick wooden rounds. The stunning age rings, patterns, and grain on the real wood rounds will instantly add character and Bohemian flair to any showpiece and woodsy finished décor.

These uniform unfinished wood slices with timeless beauty and rural touch are an essential canvas for craft hobbyists. From creating circular Christmas gift tags to making standout hand-painted wooden centerpieces for tables, these real wood pieces can do it all. Without a hitch in texture, these round-cut wood slices are handy supplies for arts and crafts and event decorating such as birthdays, celebrations, or seasonal holidays. Perfect accents for a big fall-themed wedding, celebration, or baby shower, these unfinished natural wood slices can be personalized as party favors and keepsakes or utilized as hanging garlands, small ring holders, escort cards, and homemade table numbers, labels, or displays. The usage of these pre-drilled wooden discs with holes is so versatile, they can even be turned into sculpting stands, wood pumpkins, or serve as a disk base for intricate pyrography or decoupage projects.

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Great for Decorating & Personalizing

Premium Quality Wood Slices
  • Made from Unfinished Natural Pine Wood
  • Pre-Drilled Hole for Easy Hanging
  • Flat, Smooth Surface

  • Sturdy & Durable
  • Cotton Twine Included
  • Bulk Packaging

Natural Pine Wood Slices for Crafting

Add a Rustic Touch to Your Event Decor!

  • Customize by burning, painting, writing, decoupage, carving, drawing or staining;
  • Decorate with acrylic, ink, vinyl, gems, magnets, diamonds or beads;
  • Create centerpieces, ornaments, wreaths, plaques, wood coasters, backdrops, photo props, clocks;
  • Great for DIY crafting, arts, wood crafts, home, event, wedding, Christmas, Halloween, holiday, or birthday party decorations;

  • Easy to Hang with Nails, Rope, Cord or Twine
  • Ideal for Personalizing & Customizing
  • Pre-Sanded & Polished

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Material Unbleached Natural Cotton Burlap & Metal Wire Burlap & Lace Nickel-Plated Carbon Steel Burlap
Count 100 Pcs 10 Yards 9 Inches x 12 Feet 50 pcs 30 Buntings
  • Wood slices for crafts made from natural pine wood; Small raw edge wood slab with hole for easy hanging; Durable and sturdy; Pre-sanded and polished; Flat and smooth surface
  • Small unfinished wood slabs for DIY crafting, arts, wood crafts, home, event, wedding, Christmas, Halloween, holiday, or birthday party decorations; Wood circles for crafts customizable through burning, painting, staining, drawing, writing, or carving
  • Rustic wood slices with holes for creating or decorating centerpieces, ornaments, wreaths, plaques, wood coasters, backdrops, photo props, image transfers, or clocks
  • Sliced wood rounds can be hung with nails, rope, cord, or twine; Blanks round wooden discs can be decorated with acrylic, ink, vinyl, gems, magnets, diamonds, or beads
  • Small tree trunk slices in bulk packaging; Pack of assorted 20 wood slices with bark; Diameter: 3.5–4 inches or 9–10 cm; Thickness: 0.3 of an inch or 0.75cm; Free cotton twine and hemp rope: 33 feet each roll