Mandala Crafts Metal Snap Tape for Sewing by Yard – Cotton Snap Button Trim Baby Snaps for Sewing - Fastener Button Strips Snap Tape for Baby Clothes 3 Yards

$ 12.99

Product Description

Is it hard to fiddle with baby snap buttons? Are you looking for an easy-to-open snap button tape substitution with a secure hold and effortless install? This cotton fabric snap tape roll is what you need. Made from cotton twill tape and metal snap buttons, this snap fasteners tape with metal snap buttons has the beauty, utility, and gripping power to support clothing, crafting, and upholstery projects. Not only is the twill tape with snaps easy to trim, dye, or modify but its neutral color is perfect for matching different colors, patterns, and fabric. Unlike other ribbon fasteners, the cotton on this sew on snap tape is ultra-soft for comfortable use or wear and will not scratch or irritate your skin. With a snap twill tape this workable and serviceable, you cannot go wrong!

From snap tape for baby clothes to snap popper tape for adult garments, this versatile snap sewing tape provides a reliable and professional-looking closure on t-shirts, bottoms, or gowns. Especially helpful for people with a physical disability or those recovering from an accident, the snap strip is easily modified to create accessible side or back closures on clothing for easy dressing. Different from a zipper or traditional buttons, this snap button tape trim will not snag, glitch, or fall off. The snap button tape strip is also used around the home for drapes, cushions pads, and bedding sets. This snap button tape is so versatile it can even be used as snap tape for rv curtains. A piece of cake to use and safe for anyone of any age, this cloth tape with snaps is sure to leave you impressed!

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Metal Snap Tape
  • Made from soft cotton twill tape with metal snap buttons
  • Easy to sew in with male and female sides
  • Colorfast, odorless, & bleed-free

  • Durable & Sturdy
  • Breakage-Resistant
  • Lightweight & Breathable

Versatile Applications

Great for Sewing Clothing, Accessories, DIY Crafts, & More!

  • Trim snaps for sewing bodysuit extender pieces, baby clothes, t-shirts, skirts, jumpsuits, pants, costumes, dresses, or lingerie
  • Attach to handbags, backpacks, and other accessories needing a snap closure
  • Install on pillows, cushions, quilts, duvets, curtains or drapery

  • Machine Washable & Dryable
  • Easy to Cut, Customize, & Install
  • Compatible with Various Materials such as Cotton, Polyester, Leather, Suede, or Plastic

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Material Resin Plastic Brass Zinc Alloy Nylon, Polyester, & Metal Nylon, Polyester, Alloy Metal Nylon Nylon
Quantity 360 PCs 804 PCs 60 PCs 40 PCs 1 Spool 1 Spool
  • Snap button tape made from soft cotton twill tape ribbon and metal snap buttons; Durable, sturdy, and breakage-resistant; Sew in snap tape with male and female sides; Lightweight and breathable; Colorfast, odorless, and bleed-free; Will not rust; Machine-washable and dryable
  • Sew snap tape for clothing and accessory making; Trim snaps for sewing bodysuit extender pieces, t-shirts, skirts, baby jumpsuits, pants, costume, dresses, crotch teddy lingerie, or handbags; Snap tape for sewing baby clothes; Sew on snap strips to replace zippers and buttons
  • Snaps sewing tape for DIY crafting and sewing projects; Sewing snap tape for pillow, cushion, quilt, and duvet snap buttons; Great curtain snap tape or drapery snap tape;
  • Easy-to-install baby snap tape; Easy to cut, customize, and install; Snap fastener tape compatible with various materials such as cotton, polyester, leather, suede, or plastic
  • Bulk snap tape by the yard; 3-yard snap tape black roll; Tape width: 0.75 inches or 2 cm; Snap tape with 1 inch spacing or 2.5 cm; Press stud snap button size: 7.5mm or 0.3 inch