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Product Description

Are you frustrated when your macrame hoop rings give up on you during the crafting process? Are you looking for a metal wreath frame that is lightweight with great tension? This craft metal hoop kit is exactly what you need. From macrame plant holders, dream catcher hoops to bridal hoop bouquets, these gold metal hoop rings with their rich color, exceptional luster, and adequate strength are wonderful for constructing beautiful and reliable handiworks. You can tie, knot, or weave different materials on the floral ring and enhance them with adornments such as tinsel, feathers, beads, balloons, and suede or waxed cord. Unlike rattan, wood, or bamboo hoops, these floral ring hoops will can handle most crafting projects without losing shape. With a metal hoop for crafting this dependable, versatile, and easy to use, there’s no limit to what you can create!

Whether you plan to use these as dream catchers rings, gold macrame hoops, or wire wreath hoops, this metal floral hoop set will not disappoint. To accommodate different styles and uses, the circular metal hoop ring can be used as-is or cut with a wire cutter to form a half-circle or crescent moon shape. Handy around the home, the craft metal hoops can be used to hang lace curtains and make towel rings, flower wreaths, or wall decorations. For DIY hobbyists and professionals alike, these large metal craft hoops provide the beauty and durability to frame and sustain any handmade creation with ease.

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Dream Catcher Crafting Instructions

Materials needed

  1. Dream catcher rings
  2. Feathers
  3. Beads
  4. Flat suede or leather cord
  5. Waxed cord or twine

  • Use the suede cord to wrap the ring and tie a knot
  • Tie one end of the waxed cord on the ring
  • String the beads on the cord and make a web in the ring
  • Cut several pieces of suede cord and tie the feather using the wax twine to the ends
  • Tie the feather suede cord to the ring

Versatile DIY Applications

Large Metal Hoops for Crafts

  • Make dream catchers, sun catchers, and macrame arts
  • Build plant hangers or frame floral wreaths
  • Decorate homes, offices, businesses, and more
  • Create ornaments or frame art pieces

  • Made from strong alloy metal
  • Welded, durable, and sturdy
  • Lead-free and will not irritate skin
  • Smooth surface and discoloring resistant
  • Consistent shape and wire thickness

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Sturdy Metal O Rings

  • Made from strong alloy metal
  • Welded, durable, and sturdy
  • Lead-free and will not irritate skin
  • Smooth surface and discoloring resistant
  • Consistent shape and wire thickness

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Quantity 211 Pieces 25 Rolls 1 Roll 15 Rolls 20 Pieces 720 Pieces
  • Round metal craft hoops made from solid brass metal alloy; Durable and sturdy; Symmetrical craft metal hoop with great tension; Firmly welded metal hoop for crafts; Scratch and fade-resistant; Will not discolor; Lead-free metal crafting hoops
  • Light-weight metal craft rings for crafting, hanging, and, beading; Metal rings for macrame, webbing, weaving, crocheting, or embroidering; Crafting rings for making home, office, wedding, or Christmas décor
  • DIY wreath ring floral hoops for making wreathes; Large metal craft rings for suncatchers, dreamcatchers, ornaments, mandalas, wind chimes, centerpieces, plant hangers, macramé arts, and floral arrangements
  • Metal circle O Rings for crafts compatible with string, ribbon, or fabric such as cotton, macrame, jute, or leather; Craft hoop ring can be easily bent, cut, glued, taped, and hand or spray paint
  • Metal ring for crafts in bulk wholesale pack; 6 gold metal ring hoops; 10 inches large metal rings for crafts; Wire thickness: 4mm