Mandala Crafts Crimp Beads for Jewelry Making – Bead Stopper Crimping Beads for Jewelry Making and Beading - Bead Crimping Kit 3 Colors 1.5mm 2mm Tube 8200 pcs

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Product Description

Do you feel small bead crimps for jewelry making make a huge difference in the final products? Have you found other beading crimp beads too soft and vulnerable to bending or breaking? This bead crimping set is exactly what you need. Made from tough yet workable metal alloy, these lustrous crimping beads for jewelry making are not only gorgeous in color and sheen but are also impeccable for stringing a variety of cordage and wires through. Uniform in shape, consistent in quality, and easy to tighten without fear of breaking or loosening, these seamless jewelry making crimp beads can be installed with just a single pinch with a pair of pliers or bead and micro crimpers. The jewelry crimps are the perfect combination of malleability and sturdiness and will ensure your handmade creations remain supported and reinforced.

Perfect for securing intricate jewelry and craft projects, these split-resistant jewelry crimping beads with clean cut ends will cinch cords in place and also lock the overall design for well-constructed chokers, anklets, or rosaries. Several crimp clamping beads will significantly improve the staying power of your designs and pair beautifully with seed beads, stone beads, or pendants. For handicrafts, the beading crimps are wonderful for designing sun catchers or key chain adornments and additionally are free of sharp edges and burs. Whether needed to cover a small knot, bolster reinforcement, or finish a line of beads, these beautiful and functional crimp metal beads are designed to give you all the confidence and tools you need to produce reliable goods, gifts, or products.

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Metal Crimp Beads
  • Made from plated alloy metal
  • Easy to close and install
  • Compatible with jewelry findings, crimp covers, thread, nylon string, and metal wire

  • Lead-Free
  • Durable & Sturdy

Versatile DIY Applications

Jewelry Making, DIY Crafting, & Sewing

  • Use as closures or stoppers
  • Design earrings, charms, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and headbands
  • Create cards, dreamcatchers, suncatchers, or keychain accessories

  • Consistent Plating & Shape
  • Corrosion, Tarnish, & Rust-Resistant

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Mandala Crafts Crimp Bead Kit for Jewelry Making Mandala Crafts Crimp Bead Kit for Jewelry Making Mandala Crafts Crimp Bead Cover Kit Metal Spacer Beads Mandala Crafts Metal Spacer Beads Mandala Crafts Fold Over Crimp Cord Ends
Size 2mm, 2.5mm 2.5mm 1.5mm 6mm, 7mm 4mm, 5mm 3mm
Count 4500 PCS 3000 PCS 8200 PCS 300 PCS 1500 PCS 1146 PCS
  • Metal crimp beads made from plated alloy; Durable and sturdy; Pinch-close bead crimps with shiny luster; Consistent plating and shape; Corrosion, tarnish, and rust-resistant; Lead-free
  • Bead stopper for jewelry making, weaving, or garment making; Jewelry crimp beads for use as closures, stoppers, metal spacers crimp beads on earrings, charms, necklaces, bracelets, or headbands
  • Crimps for beading, DIY crafting or sewing; Crimp bead set for making cards, dreamcatchers, suncatchers, or keychain accessories
  • Jewelry crimps compatible with other jewelry findings, crimp covers, thread, nylon string, and metal wire; Squeezable beading crimps with crimpers or bent-nose and standard pliers
  • Small crimp beads for jewelry making assortment; Two crimp tubes for jewelry making bulk packs; 4100 pcs per pack; 1.5mm and 2mm crimp tube beads in 3 colors: antique brass, silver, and gold; 1.5mm crimp bead tubes with 0.8mm hole: 700 pcs per color; 2mm crimp beads with 1.2mm hole: 500 pcs per color; 2mm silver round crimping beads with 1.2mm hole: 500 pcs; Total: 8200 pcs