Mandala Crafts Mercerized Cotton Thread - Quilting Thread – All Purpose Thread for Sewing Machine Serger Embroidery 50WT 50S/3

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Do you think polyester variegated embroidery thread is so shiny that it overpowers your design? Did the sewing thread on your bowl cozies melt in microwave? This set of all purpose cotton thread with no nesting is the answer. With a slight satin sheen, this machine sewing thread assortment is the perfect for adding an instant vintage organic touch to your project. The cone thread can endure high heat without melting or fading. The mercerization process strengthens the thick thread allowing it to go through machine and needle smoothly without fraying, shredding, jamming, or skipping stitches. From adding a fun note to your sewing project to hiding or highlighting a seam, this versatile fine cotton thread with nice saturated color can do it all. The machine threads set without knots is sewing machine ready and can also be wound on bobbins with ease. It also leaves little build-up of lint as long as the residual lint in your machine is removed before using.

Compatible with different needle sizes such as 12 or 14, the thread works well for top stitching and other decorative stitching. For weaving, basting, delicate crocheting, or even thread painting and art sketching, this fine thread will not let you down. With low shrinkage after washing, this sewing machine thread works great with natural fabric and will not cause puckering. Suitable for hand and machine sewing, the colorful thread can be used to create hot pads, dolls, baby bibs, sweaters, bags, and jackets. With this cotton embroidery thread assortment, making embroidered flowers or monograms cannot be easier.

The smooth and polished sewing thread set with a nice matte finish is a necessity for cotton thread quilting, patchwork, piecework, fabric collages, and comforters. As hand quilting thread, it adds character to every stitch and an additional pop to any design. This cotton sewing thread is also great as long arm quilting thread for sewing machine thread and tailoring thread. Once the tension is set correctly, it works great for free motion quilting or even long arm quilting. It is a also handy thread kit to have for creating or repairing soft furnishings such as dish towels, pillows, curtains, and table runners.

Premium Quality Cotton Thread
  • Slow stitching speed to prevent breaking
  • Remove residual lint in your machine
  • Made from 100% cotton with plastic cone

  • Durable with adequate strength
  • Minimal lint and fraying
  • Colorfast and breakage resistant
  • Smooth and soft
  • Machine washable, dryable, microwavable
  • Kink free

Versatile Cotton Thread

  • Cotton thread for quilting, sewing, hemming, piecing, cross stitching, serging, weaving, basting, delicate crocheting, or thread painting and art sketching
  • Thread cones for clothing, buttons, bowl cozies, masks, t shirts, dresses, coats, pants, and curtains

  • Compatible with cotton, denim, linen, knits, and flannel
  • Easy to wind
  • Blend in well with fabric hues
  • Fits home and commercial use
  • Compatible with most sewing machines and spindles
  • Easy to thread and work with
  • Consistent color and quality

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Machine and Hand Sewing


Hemming and Embroidering

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