Mandala Crafts 55 Yards Black Maxi Piping Trim with Welting Cord – 1/2 Inch Maxi Piping Bias Tape for Sewing – Lip Cord Trim by The Yard for Upholstery Trimming

$ 21.99

Product Description

Is it laborious and time-consuming to make your own upholstery piping cording? Is your cotton piping trim so soft that it cannot maintain its shape? This roll of premade single bias piping tape with a built-in insertion cord is the ultimate solution for fast and professional-looking piping. From embellishing garments to accenting indoor and outdoor furniture, the solid and malleable cording for piping can accommodate a wide range of sewing projects. With a wide selection of colors to choose from, it’ll be easy to match, complement, or contrast the fabric piping trim with lip to different fabrics such as cotton, polyester, leather, canvas, or linen.

This colored bias tape maxi piping adds decorative touches to sewing and crafting projects in and around the home. Using this upholstery trim cord with sewing lip to trim upholstery items could not be more quick or easy. The upholstery cord lip trim with wide and even sewing tape can easily be used to trim armchairs, benches, or sofas. As lip cording for pillows, cushions, comforters, drapes, valances, or even placemats, the colorful maxi cord piping bias trim highlights the items and adds sophisticated details. For clothes making, the bias tape maxi cord piping can gussy up pocket openings or embellish the necklines or armholes on tops and dresses. This piping trim for sewing is wonderful to add a pop of color or define corners, straps, and zipper areas on different items without fear of scrunching or shredding. Well-made and remarkably easy to install, this sewing cord piping trim will ensure a beautiful and clean-looking finish you’ll be sure to love!

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Maxi Piping Bias Tape
  • Made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester
  • Non-stretch sewing piping trim
  • Machine-washable and dryable
  • No ironing necessary

  • Sturdy & Durable
  • Vibrant & Colorfast
  • Odorless

Versatile Maxi Piping Cord

Great for Upholstery, DIY Crafting, Binding, Edging, or Seaming!

  • Fast Piping Solution for Upholstery and Sewing:Decorate sofa, chair, or bench edging. Add complimentary seams to pillows, blankets, and quilts. Add complimentary seams to pillows, blankets, and quiltsM
  • Maxi Piping Cord for Accessory & Garment Design: Edge pocket openings or necklines on garments. Accent aprons and other DIY fabric sewing projects. Create professional looking purses or pouches.

  • Easy to sew by hand or machine for straight or curved edges
  • Retains color, shape, and quality well after long-time use
  • Bleed, fade, & fray-resistant

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Size 1/2 Inch 1 Inch 1 Inch 27x2 Yards 0.12mm 6560 Yards 50S/2 6000 Yards
  • Lip trim cord with polyester bias tape made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester; Durable and sturdy; Non-stretch sewing piping trim; Machine-washable and dryable polyester piping cord with single fold bias tape; Bleed, fade, and fray-resistant; Odorless fabric piping cord; No ironing needed
  • Lip cord trim piping for upholstery, DIY crafting, binding, edging, or seaming home décor; Upholstery trim cord with lip for chairs and couches; Pillow trim cording for pillows; Fabric edge trim for accenting quilt seam
  • Polyester piping cord for sewing, hemming, or trimming clothing or accessories; Fabric piping sewing trim for aprons, purses, or travel bags; Edge piping trim cord with lip for sewing bibs or slipcovers; Cloth piping trim for garments
  • Sewing piping cord is easy to sew by hand or machine for straight or curved edges; Upholstery lip cord piping trim retains color, shape, and quality well after long-time use; Fabric edging trim with even sewing space
  • Corded piping by the yard in bulk wholesale package; Length: 50 meters or 55 yards; Piping thickness: 2.5mm or 0.1 inches; Strip lip width: 1/2 inch; Neatly spooled for easy dispensing and storage; Consistent rich color and width