Mandala Crafts Long Tail Alligator Wire Clip Metal Gator Clamp Set for Crafts, Place Card Holders, Hobby Model Building

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Is it time consuming to attach dowel sticks on gator clips one by one? Do you wish you had a third hand when you solder small parts? This set of long-tailed alligator wire clips with a shiny chrome tone can help. Made from sturdy metal with perfectly aligned teeth and wire rods, these metal crocodile clips have no sharp edges, as well as a reasonable clamp force, yielding a firm grip. No more wasting gluing sticks onto clips - these alligator clips with wires arrive fully preassembled. These thick yet flexible cable sticks can be easily embellished with beads, and be cut short to a preferred length.

The mini alligator clasps are great for holding and displaying table number cards, escort cards, cake photos, note cards, or hanging ornaments for weddings, parties, graduations, and other events. It is also great for making beaded clips, bracelet mates, plant labels, bingo clips, holding business or bouquet cards in floral arrangements, displaying plant labels, or clipping gift certificates onto gift baskets.

These reusable and easy to clean crocodile clamps with stems can hold small parts for soldering, gluing, airbrushing, or painting. For scale model hobbyists, these alligator clamps are a must have for holding miniature pieces in place. The applications for these clips are so versatile, that they can even be used to hold fishing lures while painting them.

Premium Quality Crocodile Clamps
  • Made from nickel plated carbon steel & twisted cable wire rods
  • No sharp edges or surfaces
  • Great clamp force & firm grip
  • Fully pre-assembled.

  • Durable & rust-resistant
  • Consistent tone and quality
  • Non-insulated

Versatile Wired Alligator Clips

Great for DIY Decorations & Hobby Work!

  • Hold & display table number cards, escort cards, cake photos & note cards for banquets, parties, graduations, weddings, & other events.
  • Make beaded clips, bracelet helper mates, plant labels or bingo clips.
  • Hold business or bouquet cards in floral arrangements, displaying plant labels, or clipping gift certificates onto gift baskets.
  • Hold small parts for soldering, gluing, airbrushing, or painting hobby kits or even fishing lures!

  • Easy to embellish & cut
  • Solderable gator clips
  • Thick yet flexible
  • Shiny chrome tone

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Great for a Variety of Uses!

Hobby Work

Flower Arrangements

Photo Cake Toppers

Banquet Food Labels

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Small Metal Alligator Clips Unvarnished Raw Wood Beads Crystal Glass Rondelle Spacers Metallic Round Spacer beads Translucent Pony Beads Star Flower End Bead Cap
Count 20 pcs 600 pcs 100 pcs 1500 pcs 1200 pcs 375 pcs
  • Alligator wire clips made from nickel-plated carbon steel and fray-resistant, flexible twisted cable wire rod; Sturdy, durable, and rust resistant; Metal alligator clips with a strong grip and perfect teeth alignment; Arrives preassembled
  • Table topper place card or centerpiece card holder, food label holder, number markers for weddings, holiday parties, graduations, and other events
  • Alligator clamps for DIY crafting beaded clips, ornaments, bracelet helpers, or bingo clips; Easy to decorate with pony beads, or any bead with a 3mm or larger hole
  • Long tail alligator clips for airbrushing, painting, soldering, and gluing; Reusable hobby clips, fishing lure clips, flower arrangement card holder sticks, plant labels, memo holder clips, or picture centerpiece holders
  • Wire alligator clip set in bulk package; Total length: 6 inches; Gator clip length: 1.5 inches; Clamp mouth length: 3/4 inches; Cable wire stick diameter: 2mm; 50 pcs