Mandala Crafts Letter Alphabet Pony Bead Set for Bracelet, Rave Kandi Jewelry Making; White on Black 6mm Sorted 600 Bead Letters;

$ 13.99

Product Description

Is it frustrating to search for letters in a pile of mixed beads? How about finding out the lot is also missing certain letters? We are crafters too so we understand the joys and frustrations of DIY crafting. This letter pony bead kit is meticulously assorted in alphabetical order with extra vowels such as a or o. The block-shaped beads are shiny, colorful, well-shaped, and packed in a sturdy plastic container to make it more organized and easier to access and work with. With large inner holes, these multi-color beads are compatible with different styles of string, twine, cord, wire, and even some paracord. You do not have to be a professional designer to use these fun beads. Anyone can use these pony beads to create gifts or ornaments to inspire loved ones, consolidate your faith, or convey a love message for Valentine’s day.

The applications of these beads are only limited by your imagination. For crafters, these clean-cut beads come in handy to create name beads, key chains, costumes, artwork, bags, ornaments, dream catchers, sun catchers, or even cake toppers. They are great for making jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, rave Kandi and loom bracelets, anklets, or even as lacing beads or spacers. This lot of beading supplies will create hours of endless fun for boys and girls in kids’ birthday parties, school DIY projects, or church gatherings to weave or string beads. With pipe cleaners, these beads can also help children learn their ABC’s and basic spelling.

Lettered Pony Beads

  • Made from acrylic
  • Consistent in size and color
  • Seamless, waterproof, will not fade
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Assorted alphabet pony beads kit

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Colorful Jewelry Making Beads

  • Large inner hole for easier beading
  • Compatible with different styles of string, twine, cord, wire, or even some paracord
  • Can also be spacers or lacing beads
  • Create earrings, bracelets, necklace, anklets, or kandi rave jewelry
  • Decorate friendship bracelets
  • Design name beads

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Versatile DIY Crafting Applications

  • Build dream & sun catchers
  • Create key chains and ornaments
  • Make pipe cleaners and string art
  • Embellish costumes and purses
  • Construct cake toppers

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  • Large alphabet beads with large holes made from acrylic; Sorted alphabet beads in square shape; Sturdy and durable uppercase alphabet beads;
  • Pony beads letters for kids and adults; Pony letter beads for beading, friendship bracelets, jewelry making, and crafting; Easy to customize to convey inspirational or love messages; Can also be used as spacers or lacing beads;
  • Plastic letter beads in assorted alphabetical order with extra vowels;
  • Easy to spell words or use for string art or children crafts or educational purposes;
  • Jumbo alphabet beads in bulk wholesale packaging; 600 ct.; Quantity in each compartment: about 40 pcs; 15 Compartments; Size: 6mm; Hole diameter: 3.5mm (Fits up to 7-gauge wires);