Mandala Crafts Knit Elastic Band for Sewing, Flat Stretch Strap Spool for Waistbands (White, 5/8 Inch 25 Yards)

$ 12.99

Product Description

Is the old waistband on your sweatpants giving up on you? Are you tired of tucking in the fitted sheet on your bed every day? Do not throw the pants away or accept the daily norm of a messy bed yet! This flat elastic band could easily solve your problem. The stretchy material with perfect tension is soft and non-irritating to skin. The elasticity is long lasting and will not deteriorate with washing and drying. It is very easy to cut shorter or narrower without fraying or sew on by hand or machine. With a pair of sharp scissors, you rarely need to take care of the ends. Compared to other non-roll elastic, this elastic band is less stiff and easier to sew on different materials.

With this roll of elastic webbing on standby, mending or repairing old pajamas, underwear, pants, sport clothes, swim suits, or sweatpants will be a breeze. For moms-to-be, cut a button hole on this elastic strap and add it as an extender to a pair of regular pants to instantly change your regular pants into maternity pants.

This roll of flat wide elastic rope is also handy to keep around the house. From securing a fitted sheet or mattress pad to reinforcing a table cover, this elastic band can do it all. For crafty people, this roll is a necessity to make hairbows, corsets, garters, cloth diapers, or adjustable costume belts.

Elastic Band for Sewing

  • Made from polyester fabric and latex rubber
  • Sturdy, springy, and durable
  • Soft, pliable, and will not irritate skin
  • Breathable

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Elastic Webbing

Highly Customizable
  • Can be cut shorter or made more narrow
  • Can add button holes without fraying
  • Compatible with other webbing hardware

  • Easy to cut short or narrow
  • Easy to sew by hand or machine
  • Fraying resistant

Versatile Sewing and Crafting Applications

  • Sweatpants and pajamas
  • Shorts, pants, and maternity wear
  • Sleeves, headbands, and wig bands
  • Fitted sheets
  • Chair or sofa cover
  • Cloth diaper elastic replacement
  • Kids clothes, tutus, and dance clothing
  • Bags and corsages

  • Washable and machine dryable
  • Lightweight and will not deform
  • Consistent elasticity and continuous length

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Stretchy Straps for Sewing

  • Stretch to about 90% of the original length
  • Lasting and durable elasticity
  • Will not lose elasticity with frequent stretching, washing, or drying
  • Compatible with different materials such as cotton, polyester, suede, or leather

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Braided Elastic Band Elastic Lace Elastic Ribbon Lycra Elastic Cord Fold Over Elastis
Elasticity High Medium Medium Medium High Medium
Shape Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat
  • Elastic strap or bandas elasticas made from polyester fabric and latex rubber; Sturdy, springy, and durable; Soft, pliable, and will not irritate skin; Lightweight and will not warp; Washable and machine dryable
  • Great for replacing or sewing waist bands for sweatpants, skirts, sport garments, kid’s clothes, maternity pants, swimwear, shorts, and pajamas, or making tutus, jacket tighteners, dance clothing, wig bands, headbands, bags, or corsages
  • Handy elastic webbing for sewing, crocheting, knitting, and crafting projects; Easy to cut short or narrow; Fray resistant; Easy to sew by hand or machine; Compatible with different materials such as cotton, polyester, and leather
  • Bulk supplies; Roll length: 25 yards; Width: 5/8 inch; Consistent elasticity and continuous length