Mandala Crafts Home Business CCTV Surveillance Security Camera Video Warning Sticker Sign

$ 9.99

Color:Front Adhesive Blue

Every 15 Seconds, A Break-In Occurs. Is Your Home or Business Protected?

Studies show robbers prefer easy targets and would rather target a house without a security system. Whether you have a real or dummy fake surveillance camera DVR system installed at your home or business, or you even if you don't have any recording device on your premises, it is always important to make burglars and vandals believe they are monitored to warn off would-be thieves to keep you and your private property safe. Our peel and stick camera recording signs definitely provide a powerful deterrent. The message is clean, clear, and concise. Our decals:

*are vibrantly printed with a legit and authentic look.
*are printed with UV protection ink and will withstand indoor or outdoor environment.
*are made of high quality vinyl, sturdy, waterproof, and easy to install.
*feature the familiar "stop sign" shape - a visual cue to stop perps in their tracks.
*arrive safely wrapped in a protective, easy to open box.
* are ideally sized. It is not bulky and obtrusive but easy to be noticed. .
* are self adhesive and it can be put on various surfaces such as glass, wood, or metal.

Strong, Simple Message

This decal with bright colored borders combines a realistic and clearly visible picture of a standard security camera with a bold message: "Warning - This Building Is Under 24 Hour Surveillance." Words & visuals work together for maximum impact.

It can be easily used in various entrances, windows, or doors in your house, office, condo, warehouse, apartment, store, RV, or even car to prevent loitering, trespassing, soliciting, or intruding. These signs will help you achieve peace of mind about your safety and security. It can also be a thoughtful house warming gift.

About Mandala Crafts

Mandala Crafts is located in Austin, TX. We have been making quality products since 2001.

  • SELF ADHESIVE DETERRENT DECAL - 3.5" x 4 "; Set of 6; Attention Grabbing; Hard to be ignored; Great protection;
  • DURABLE VISIBLE VIDEO RECORDING STICKER - Crisply printed with UV-protected ink; Weather resistant; No peeling;
  • EASY AND CLEAN INSTALLATION - Stick INSIDE of the window or door glass; No bubbles;
  • BETTER VALUE - Set of six; Sensibly priced for your budget with superior quality;
  • WARRANTY - Mandala Crafts 30 days no questioned warranty; Copyrighted designs; All rights reserved;