Mandala Crafts Heavy Duty Zipper – Metal Zipper – #10 Black Separating Zipper for Jackets Sewing Coats Upholstery Clothing Gold 46 Inch Zipper

$ 8.17

Product Description

This roll of well-constructed metal zipper is hard to find in a craft store. For boutique owners, tailors, occasional crafters, or sewing professionals, it is handy to keep this zipper kit around. This fashion zipper has great durability and functionality, and is easy to install. The robust and solid slider zips fluently and free of catching or snagging. The neutral tape color makes it easy to match different materials such as fabric, canvas, leather, or even plastic.

The short zipper is great for making pencil cases, cosmetic bags, change purses, USB stick holders, rosary pouches, wristlets, totes, wallets, or pillowcases. The vibrant yellow gold tooth color will add style to pants, fashion dress, jeans, skirts, or costumes. For crafty people, the zipper is also good for creating pet clothing or doll dresses. The fancy longer zipper is perfect for making or repairing cushions, tents, sweatshirts, jackets, or upholstery. For businesses or industrial users, the zipper is uniform and consistent and will add a professional touch to your designs. Compared to a nylon coil zipper, this zipper is extra strong and has great longevity.

All Purpose Metal Zipper

  • Made from nylon fabric and lead-free brass alloy metal
  • Heavy-duty, sturdy, and durable
  • Easy to install by hand or sewing machine
  • Vibrant gold zipper tooth color
  • Colorfast and free from bleeding

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Versatile Applications

  • Purse and pouch making
  • Cushion and pillowcase making
  • Garment making
  • Upholstery
  • Sewing and crafting

Clothing and Fashion Design Zipper

  • Making luggage, bags, purses, and pouches
  • Sewing coats, jackets, coveralls, overall, boots, skirts, dresses, or costumes
  • Decorating doll clothes
  • Designing pet clothing

Upholstery and Crafting Zipper

  • Upholstery, cushion, and pillowcase making
  • Easy to sew on textile or leather
  • Sturdy, durable, and zips fluently
  • Accent projects
  • Detachable zipper end

Premium Quality Heavy Duty Zipper

  • Neutral zipper tape color
  • No fading
  • Adds a professional touch
  • Free of catching or snagging

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Material Nylon Nylon Nylon Plastic Nylon
  • Metal separating zipper made from brass alloy metal; Open and detachable ends; Sturdy and durable; Lead-free; All-purpose metal zipper; Easy to install by hand or sewing machine with heavy duty needles
  • Jacket zipper replacement, metal upholstery zipper, and heavy-duty metal replacement zipper for clothing, crafting, decorating, and sewing
  • Brass teeth heavy duty zipper for coveralls, for skirts, dresses, parkas, overalls, luggage, or cushions; Unisex design
  • Metal teeth zipper with left hand pull; Long zipper and color is an easy match for canvas, fabric, leather, and plastic
  • Heavy-duty large metal zipper: Size 10; Teeth width: 9 mm; Overall width: 1.5 in