Mandala Crafts Metal D Ring - Heavy Duty D-Ring Bulk Pack - Non-Welded D Rings for Purse Dog Collar Webbing Strap

$ 18.99

Product Description

Are you looking to replace a flimsy plastic d ring? Is your d ring metal wire so thin and frail that it almost defeats the purpose to have a heavy duty metal ring? This d ring bulk pack is the answer. Constructed with thicker gauge wire, these small metal d rings with neutral and lustrous silver finish provide sufficient tension of several pounds and pair wonderfully with a variety of fabrics and cord made from polyester, cotton, nylon, or hide. The craft d rings are uniform in shape, consistent in quality, and versatile in application. The metal d-rings are not only extra-strong and enduring but will provide enough quantity to last for several projects.

For pet wear and gear, these staunch d- rings that neither break or bend are suited to withstand strain and handle small to medium-sized dogs. For camping or outdoors, the solid d ring offers immense utility and convenience for hardcore tasks such as hanging equipment, fastening cargo, and tying down tents or trailer straps. Customizing apparel has never been easier with this sew-on d ring set. These small d rings with even chrome plating will add a professional touch to garments, shoes, or cosplay armor costumes. This webbing d ring set is also handy to keep around as purse d rings to totes, wristlets, crossbodies, or cosmetic bags. The uses are so versatile that these metal rings can also be used as small d rings for keys.

Substantial D-Ring
  • Made from nickel-plated alloy steel
  • Consistent shiny plating and shape
  • Clean saw-cut kerf without gaps
  • Compatible with materials including canvas, paracord, leather, fabric, cotton, nylon, or webbing

  • Lead-free
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant

Versatile Crafting Accessory

Make Sturdy Outdoor Gear Parts, Suitcase and Bag Hardware, & More!

  • Great for crafting, sewing, and webbing
  • Create belts, shoes, lanyards, badge holders, key chains, key fobs, wallets and change purses
  • Make aprons, yoga straps, nursing covers, handbags, totes, and clothing
  • Produce durable dog collars and harnesses
  • Design heavy-duty suitcase straps, backpacks, camping tents, sleeping bags, and even hammock straps

  • Suitable for business and household purposes
  • NOT for human support

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Heavy Duty D-Ring Bulk Pack Heavy Duty D-Ring Bulk Pack Heavy Duty D-Ring Bulk Pack Metal D Ring Assortment Swivel Snap Hooks & D-Rings
Size 1 Inch 1.5 Inches 2 Inches Assorted Sizes 1 Inch
  • Small d ring assortment made from thick nickel-plated alloy steel; Durable and sturdy; Consistent shiny plating and shape; Corrosion and rust-resistant; Lead-free; Machine-washable and dryable
  • Metal d rings for crafts, clothing or DIY jewelry making; Heady duty d rings for sewing bags, purses, belts, backpacks, lanyards, badge holders, luggage straps, and keychains
  • Non welded d ring kit for pet supplies; D rings welded tightly for dependable animal carriers, harnesses, leashes, collars, saddles, or hammocks; Long-lasting heavy duty d ring set for rough and continuous use
  • D metal rings compatible with cotton fabric, canvas webbing, macramé cord, paracord, leather strap, rope, or ribbon; Fit for indoor and outdoor use
  • Bulk d rings; Inner width: 1.5 inches; Total: 20 d rings; Wire thickness: 4.5mm