Mandala Crafts Heat Lamp for Reptiles - Ceramic Heat Emitter Infrared Light Bulb with No Light for Chicken Coop Turtle Bearded Dragon Dog Pet Brooder 100W Pack of 2 White

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Product Description

Do you feel you have to babysit those fragile glass red infrared heat bulbs? Is your reptile light disturbing your lizard’s sleeping schedule? This shatter-resistant and safe reptile light bulb without light is the answer. Compared to halogen and led reptile heat light bulbs, these long-lasting ceramic heating lamps for reptiles have a way longer service life. No more blown filament and broken glass. The hardy ceramic heat emitter without buzzing noise functions even in habitats with high humidity levels without cracking. Compatible with dimmers, various tank hoods, and dome lighting fixtures, the heat lamp bulbs for reptiles produce a steady heat source for pets without interfering with their natural circadian rhythm.

Promoting reptile health and increasing blood circulation, these heating lamps for reptiles can operate continuously as a tank heater or nightlight heat lamp without overheating and create an evenly spread basking spot for corn snakes, blue tongue skinks, lizards, hermit crabs, sugar gliders, and leopard geckos. As animal heat lamp lights, these infrared heat lamps can provide radiant heat for barns, doghouses, chicken coops in the winter when temperatures are low. From raising hedgehogs to whelping puppies, goats, kittens, rabbits, baby chicks, and ducklings in a brooder box, this pet heat lamp can do it all. The heat emitter bulbs can also be used as a birdcage heater to keep cockatiels, parrots, parakeets, and quail bird cages warm on chilly nights. The usage is so versatile that these heat lightbulbs can also be used as natural greenhouse heaters to help plants, flowers, and veggies in raised beds grow better and faster.

Premium Quality Reptile Infrared Bulbs
  • Made from pottery clay, metal base, & internal nichrome heat wire
  • Non-luminescent infrared spectrum of heat
  • No harsh UVA or UVB light
  • Fits standard ceramic E26 base

  • Sturdy, durable, long-lasting
  • No burning or chemical smell
  • Consistent, Even Heat

Nighttime Warming Bulb for Reptiles, Amphibians & More!

Great for a Variety of Pets!

  • Aquatic turtles, slider turtles & tortoises
  • Lizards, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, Chameleons, skinks, iguanas & snakes
  • Toads, frogs, salamanders & newts
  • Parakeets, parrots, chickens, ducks, quails & other birds
  • Hedgehogs, rats, mice & rabbits

  • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Shatter & Water Resistant
  • Lightweight & Mountable
  • No Exposed Coils or Flame
  • Heats Up Quickly

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Highly Compatible & Applicable

  • Compatible with thermo cubes, thermometers, ceramic pet lamps & heated lamp dome fixtures.
  • Suitable for glass cages, aquariums, vivariums, dog houses, chicken coops, brooders and whelping boxes.
  • Use with a dimmer to regulate climates in your habitat.

Benefits for Use

  • Infrared heat from bulbs penetrates the skin, promoting health.
  • Helps increase blood circulation.
  • Increases ambient temperature without disturbing sleep cycle.
  • Use as a greenhouse heater to help plants grow better and faster.

Tips for Use

  • Do not touch during usage, let cool for 1 hour before touching.
  • Adjust the distance between the lamp and your pet. At least 30 cm is recommended.
  • 10000+ hours of life span. Use up to 8 hours max daily for optimum bulb lifespan.
  • We recommend using a porcelain or ceramic socket.

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50W E26 Reptile Heat Lamps 25W G9 Light Bulbs 40W G9 Light Bulbs 20W G8 Light Bulbs 35W G8 Light Bulbs
Wattage 50-Watt 25-Watt 40-Watt 20-Watt 35-Watt
Amount in Pack 6 Bulbs 10 Bulbs 10 Bulbs 10 Bulbs 10 Bulbs
  • Reptile heat lamp bulb made from pottery clay, metal, and Ni-Cr-Al; Quick heat up; No light heat bulb; No burning and chemical smell; Lightweight, sturdy, and durable reptile lamp; Fits indoor and outdoor use
  • Reptile heat bulb for amphibians like iguanas, lizards, ball pythons, bearded dragons, desert geckos, chameleons, skinks, boas, snakes, aquatic turtles, tortoises, toads, and frogs; Ceramic heat bulb for invertebrates like tarantulas
  • Ceramic heat lamp for aquariums, terrariums, vivariums, dog houses, chicken coops, and brooding boxes; Heat light bulb for reptiles to increases ambient temperature without disturbing sleep cycle
  • Heat lamp for dogs, rabbits, cats, and barn animals; Heat lamp for chickens, chicks, poultry, turkeys, peacocks, ducks, macaws, and parakeets
  • Reptile light bulb compatible with porcelain US standard E26 socket base; 110 to 120 V; 100-Watt; Can continue to heat 24 hours a day; Lifespan: about 10,000 hours