Mandala Crafts Hand String Puppet with Rod, Chinese Marionette Lion Toy

$ 16.99

Product Description

Are you looking for a last minute whimsical gift for someone who is really into Asian culture? This Chinese lion or foo dog puppet with a rod could be the answer. No matter whether it is for gifting or decoration purposes, this marionette will for sure be a hit. The unique puppet with vibrant colors has five sturdy controlling strings attached to a plastic rod in a Chinese traditional Ruyi shape. By rocking the rod back and forth, the puppet will appear to walk, march, or dance amusingly and the bells under the ears and tail will make jiggling sound. The body is hollow with a layer of foam along the spine and the claws are made from heavy plastic to add some weight for agile movements and better balance. With this unique puppet, you will be able to bring the Chinese dragon and lion dance to your living room.

This handmade puppet is sturdy and durable enough for creative play or decoration all year long. For Chinese New Year, this puppet will bring a festive flare as a decorative centerpiece, and it is also a fun puppet toy to entertain the kids and guests. For multicultural projects and parades, this puppet on a string will be the highlight. The puppet is very easy to hang or display. It is also a unique decoration for your office, house, or Chinese-themed room.

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Premium Quality Chinese Puppets
  • Handmade from polyester, plastic, foam, faux fur, and sequins
  • Feet made from heavy plastic for easy balance
  • Bells under ears and tail
  • Hard plastic controlling rod

Chinese Lion Marionette Puppet

  • Gifts for birthdays and Chinese New Year
  • Puppet toys for kids, children, adults, and dragon or lion dance lovers
  • Decoration for parties, homes, and offices
  • Puppet for multicultural school projects and parades

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Agile movements
  • Vibrant colors
  • Traditional Chinese design

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  • Hand puppet with strings and rod made from polyester, plastic, foam, faux fur, and sequins; Sturdy and durable; Handmade puppet with premium quality;
  • Marionette puppet toy for parties, decorations, gifts, multicultural projects, parades, and Chinese New Year; Great Asian figurine puppet gifts for kids, children, adults, dragon or lion dance lovers;
  • Metal bells under the ears and tail; Translation for the Chinese writing on the mouth piece: Brings in wealth and treasure;
  • Length: 15 inches; Width: about 5 inches; Body height from shoulder to claws: about 7 Inches;