Green Satin Large Lungta Wind Horse Tibetan Prayer Flags

$ 39.99

$ 16.99

This set of large premium quality Tibetan prayer flags is made from satin with strong multi-colored string. Prayer flags made from cotton will last about one summer. Our premium quality satin prayer flags will last several years because the material used. Tibetan prayer flags are also called wind horse. In Hindu or Nepalese religion, they are very commonly used. The difference is Nepal tends to use prayer flags with only five colors. Prayer flags in Tibet use more colors. Tibetan prayers or Buddha images such as medicine Buddha, Shakyamuni, or Green Tara are normally printed on the flags. They are great summer outdoor house flags or decorative flags for yoga and meditation rooms. They bring good Feng Shui, peace, and good luck to your house.

  • Tibetan Buddhist Large Prayer Flags Made from Satin;
  • Prayer Flags for Your Home Altar Accessories or Supplies;
  • Great Decorative Outdoors Flags for Yoga or Meditation Rooms; Unique Summer House Outdoors Flags;
  • Each Individual Flag Size: 19 X 14 Inches; Length: 12 Feet;