Mandala Crafts Glass Seed Beads for Jewelry Making – Mini Glass Beads for Bracelets Waist Beads - Small Pony Beads Kit Bulk Beading Supplies for Crafts Round 9000 PCs 3 X 2mm Size 8/0 Combo 2

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Product Description

Do you want to create beautiful and colorful seed bead bracelets by hand? Then this seed bead kit is the answer. With gorgeous and vivid color that will not fade, bleed, or lose sheen, this bead jewelry making kit almost has everything for seed bead jewelry making and bead crafts. Drilled to perfection, these mini beads for jewelry making are very easy to string, sew, or thread and can also be glued on different surfaces. Many shades of the color spectrum are represented in the small glass bead kit including rainbow, opaque, iridescent, translucent, and transparent. Unlike mixed bead kits, these tiny jewelry beads are meticulously organized in a sectioned container and easy to work with, especially for nifty beadwork and intricate pattern designs. Compatible with different stretchy or non-stretching strings or thread, wire, or safety pins, this bead set will give you hours of fun. No matter whether they are being used as necklace beads, pattern beads, spacers, beads for earring making, or bracelet beads for jewelry making, these tiny glass pony beads with a wide range of colors can handle any design with ease. With just the right amount of sparkle and shimmer, these seed beads in bulk will add a professional touch to your final products. For DIY-crafters or sewing hobbyists, these crafting beads are handy to keep around for a multitude of handiworks from making fashionable garments to keychain accessories to embellishing or accenting textile, stones, and art. The one-of-a-kind handcrafted gifts made from these aesthetic beads will always impress the recipient.

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Broad Variety of Colors for All Kinds of Projects!

Premium Quality Glass Seed Beads
  • Compatible with strings, threads, elastic, wires & safety pins;
  • Can be used with tools such as a bead looms, bead spinners, beading boards & big eye beading needles;

  • Made from Glass
  • Great for Beginners & Pros!

Vivid Seed Beads for Creating DIY Bead Patterns

Instantly Dress Up Beading, Embroidery & Other Crafts

  • A must-have for bead weaving, beading, embroidering, sewing, crafting, quilting, textile embellishing, art accenting, stone weaving, beading & garment making.
  • Great for making earrings, necklaces, bracelets, waist beads & other kinds of jewelry. Great for use as spacer and pattern beads.
  • Create décor and ornaments for homes, holidays and parties.
  • Pairs well with other jewelry beads & findings

  • Won't Expand In Water
  • Uniform Color & Consistent Shape
  • Easy to Use & Convenient to Store
  • Peel, Chip & Scratch-Resistant

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Mixed Colors Glass Seed Beads White Glass Seed Beads Invisible Clear Sewing Thread Crystal Bead String Ribbon Crimps & Fold Over Cord Ends Slider Tube Clasp End Bar
Material Glass Glass Nylon Plastic & Rubber Iron Alloy Metal Brass Alloy Metal
Size 2mm 3mm 0.12mm 1 mm 3mm & 10mm 20mm Slide
Length/Amount 13000 pieces 6000 pieces 6560 yards 65 yards 2,460 pieces 1,080 pieces
  • Small beads for jewelry making made from glass; Lead-free; Durable and sturdy; Polished smooth surface and shiny luster; Peel, chip, and scratch-resistant; Uniform symmetrical shape and consistently rich color; Cut-through holes
  • Small glass beads for jewelry making, beading, weaving, sewing, quilting, crafting, and embroidery; Jewelry making beads for friendship bracelets, necklaces, Kumihimo jewelry, earrings, waist beads, or use as rondelle spacer beads
  • Craft beads for bead patterns and costumes; Beading kit for creating home, holiday, or party décor and ornaments
  • Mini beads for crafts compatible with string, thread, elastic, wire, and safety pin or seed bead tools such as a bead loom, bead spinner, beading board, or big eye beading needle; Mixes well with other jewelry beads such as alphabet beads and micro beads
  • Glass beads bulk wholesale pack; 9000 assorted loose beads in a plastic grid storage box; Overall size: 3mm X 2mm or size 8/0; Hole size: 1mm; Assortment of 24 different multicolor glass beads; Around 375 pcs each color