Mandala Crafts Glass Pearl Beads for Jewelry Making Spacers – Loose Faux Pearls for Crafts – Loose Fake Pearls for Jewelry Making Craft Pearls Vase Fillers 4mm 10 Colors Combo 2 1000 PCs

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Product Description

Have you noticed how most fake pearls immediately cheapen jewelry designs with their lightweight feel and satiny cheap luster? Is it frustrating to sort through mixed pearl beads to find the right color? It’s time to replace plastic or acrylic pearl beads with this gorgeous faux pearl bead set. With a nice weight and vivid color that will not fade, bleed, or lose sheen, this craft pearl kit has almost everything you need for jewelry making and bead crafts. Drilled to perfection, these pearl beads with hole are easy to string or sew and can be glued on a variety of surfaces. The small pearls coordinate well with a multitude of materials, beads, and hardware. These crafts pearls are meticulously organized in a sectioned snap container, especially helpful for nifty beadwork and intricate pattern designs.

No matter whether they are being used as necklace beads, bracelet beads, pattern beads, or spacers, these craft pearl beads for jewelry making with a wide range of colors will effortlessly handle any design. With the look of freshwater pearl beads, these jewelry making pearls will add a professional touch to any final product. For DIY-crafters or sewing hobbyists, these color pearls for crafts are useful for a multitude of handiworks from making fashionable costumes to key chain attachments to embellishing or accenting ornaments, mosaics, art, and even slime. Wonderful around the home, these jumbo assorted pearls with holes can be used to create stylish beaded curtains or elevate the look of candle holders and vases. With so many dazzling round pearl beads to choose from, these pearl beads with holes are sure to spark your creativity and give you hours of fun!

Premium Glass Pearl Kit
  • Made from coated glass with pre-drilled holes for easy stringing
  • Coordinates well with other jewelry beads
  • Compatible with jewelry findings

  • Sturdy & Durable
  • Lead & Nickel-Free
  • Heat-Resistant & Waterproof

Versatile DIY Applications

Jewelry Making, DIY Crafting, Beading, & More!

  • Design jewelry, bracelets, chokers, necklaces, rosaries, earrings, and hair accessories
  • Decorate dream catchers, cards curtains, holiday ornaments, key chain attachments, lamp shades, mosaics, art, and even slime.
  • Embellish clothing, costumes, shoes, and purses

  • Easy to Work With
  • Round Uniform Shape & Size
  • Odorless & Non-Irritating to Skin

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Material Acrylic Glass Stainless Steel Acrylic Polyurethane
  • Colored pearl beads for crafting with holes made from glass; Durable and sturdy; Polished smooth surface and shiny luster; Uniform symmetrical shape and consistently rich color; Heat, scratch, and chip-resistant; Non-irritating to skin; Waterproof; Lead and nickel-free
  • Colored pearls round beads for jewelry making and beading; Multicolored pearls loose beads for earrings, bracelets, chokers, necklaces, rosaries, watchbands, waist chains, or hair accessories
  • Sew on pearl beads for clothes, sewing, and garment making; Decorative pearls for crafts, home, wedding, and party decorating; Small pearl beads for vase fillers; Craft pearl beads for keychains, dreamcatchers, mask and eyeglass holder straps, centerpieces, and bridal bouquets
  • Pearl with hole compatible with wire, thread, elastic, stretchy, or non-stretch cord; Pearl glass beads compatible with a bead loom, bead spinner, beading board, or big eye beading needle
  • Bulk faux pearls; 1000 assorted wholesale pearl beads; 4mm Polished pearl beads; Round faux pearls with 0.8mm hole; 10 different colors; 100 pcs each color