Mandala Crafts Floral Chinese Japanese Korean Eating Washable Titanium Chopsticks Set (1, Floral)

$ 11.99

This deluxe set of authentic Asian cuisine utensil dinnerware comes with a traveling hemp storage case, allowing you eat your meal at home or restaurants with swagger. These silver colored chopsticks are not only fancy and luxurious but also very comfortable to use. Unlike lacquered, plastic, aluminum alloy, disposable bamboo, or wood chopsticks, this pair of stylish chopsticks does not have any taste or odor so it will not affect your food flavor. The metal composition of the food grade titanium is tested by an accredited material lab, which is also used by FDA. Titanium is environment friendly and inhibits bacteria growth. With our hollow design, it is extra light and easier to handle than stainless steel or ceramic ones. Titanium is also heat resistant and it can be used in kitchen cooking.

With grooves on the tips, food picking is easy. The top part is square and the front part is round. They will not roll away easily and can lay flat on table or a rice bowl. The round tips will not scratch your fine china or other tableware. This pair of well-balanced chopsticks with good grip is great for toddlers, kids, children, or adult beginners to learn and practice.

Washable, hypoallergenic, and mold free, these chopsticks can be kept in a lunchbox, backpack, pocket, car, RV, handbag, or suitcase while you’re on the go for festivals, treks, or regular daily uses. The sleek storage bag will prevent rattling. Eating with chopsticks may help with your diet, as you may even eat less than you would with a fork.

  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT & STURDY: 100% food grade titanium; Handles made from resin; Weight:1.2 OZ; Length: 9"; Tasteless; Odorless; Non-allergenic; Dishwasher safe; Corrosion resistant; Low heat conduction;
  • PROFESSIONAL & PORTABLE: Great for eating noodles, rice, hotpot, Chinese or Korean food, or Japanese sushi; Hemp drawstring pouch;
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: Won’t splinter, bend, or break;
  • VERSATILE: Hiking, camping, daily use, traveling, dining out, backpacking, training, cooking, or as a hair stick;
  • WARRANTY: 45 days no questions asked; Mandala Crafts, a USPTO registered brand, is the only distributor;