Mandala Crafts Flat Elastic Barbed Cord, Stretch Loop Band with Metal Ends for Masks, Hats, Menus, Badges, Signs

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Product Description

Have you ever been bogged down in an elastic stringing project before? You have to make sure not only that the hole is punched larger than the rope thickness, but also that the ends of the string will not fray. Plus, the tedious tying knot task is just inefficient for mass production. This pack of elastic loops with metal barb ends will make your job much easier. The elastic cord has outstanding elasticity which can be stretched to about 100% of its original length. The cord polyester jacket is colorfast and will not irritate skin. The metal ends are lead free and securely attached without sharp edges. No matter whether you are using these barbs for households, schools, or businesses, they are super handy to keep around for light duty binding, fastening, hanging, and securing.

From making a masquerade face mask to installing chin straps for a fedora, the barbed cord will get the job done in a professional way like a pro. Stringing a party hat cannot be easier. The process is just as simple as feeding the barb through the holes. For the next kids’ birthday party, let everyone sit together and make their own masks and party hats to create some bonding. The cord is sturdy enough for lots of light-duty hanging jobs such as displaying banners, signs, or promotional products from the ceiling. It also works like a charm to bind portfolios, planners, paper folders, and menus. The applications are so versatile that it can even be used to hang badges or create mini bungee cords and hair ties.

Elastic Barbed Cords

  • Made from polyester, rubber, and alloy metal
  • Lead free
  • Smooth metal ends without sharp edges to prevent cuts and avoid snags

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Premium Elastic Cord with Metal Ends
  • The elastic cord can stretch to about 100% of the original length
  • Securely mounted metal ends
  • Fraying free cord ends

Versatile Crafting Applications

  • String face masks and hats
  • Fasten planners, folders, portfolios, and organizers
  • Bind menus and books
  • Display light banners, signs, promotional products
  • Secure electronic case holders
  • Hang badges

  • Will not irritate skin
  • Colorfast and bleeding free
  • Durable and stretchy

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Flat Elastic Cord 2mm Round Elastic Cord 1mm Round Elastic Cord Face Mask Cord Round Barbed Cord
Material Polyester and Rubber Polyester and Rubber Polyester and Rubber Nylon Polyester, Metal, and Rubber
  • Elastic string barbed fasteners made from polyester, rubber, and alloy metal; Sturdy and durable; Will not irritate skin; Lead-free; Colorfast and fading free; Smooth metal ends without sharp edges to prevent cuts and avoids snags;
  • Flat elastic bands with metal ends for stringing face masks and hats, binding menus or books, hanging badges, signs or banners, fastening folders or portfolios, displaying products and promotional items, and securing small items;
  • Easy to work with; Simply feed the barbs through holes to bind or fasten;
  • Bulk wholesale packaging: 100 barbed cords; Width of the stretchy cord: 6mm or 1/4 Inch; Metal barb size: 0.75 inch long;