Mandala Crafts Fire Extinguisher Inside Sign Sticker Vinyl Decal; Self-Adhesive and Waterproof, 4 X 12 Inches, Pack of 4

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  • Fire extinguisher stickers made from 4 mil vinyl; Printed with UV protected and waterproof ink; Strong adhesive; Sturdy and durable; Will not fade, warp, or crack
  • Fire extinguisher sign stickers for identifying fire extinguishing equipment locations in business, premises, or buildings for prompt reaction during a fire emergency
  • Vertical fire extinguisher symbol with an arrow; Copyrighted vertical signage design; For inside and outside use
  • Fire extinguisher decal stickers in bulk package; Pack of 4; Individual sticker size: 4x12 Inches; Easy to apply and remove without leaving residue
  • Adhere to a variety of surfaces including glass, painted walls, wood, metal, and granite; Can be used with ABC extinguishers such as CO2, water mist, water foam, wet chemical, and dry powder