Mandala Crafts Faux Diamond Bling Wrap, Faux Rhinestone Crystal Mesh Ribbon Roll for Wedding, Party, Centerpiece, Cake, Vase Sparkling Decoration (Flower Pattern 4 Inches 10 Yards, Gold)

$ 14.99

Product Description

This roll of diamond wrap adds a touch of class to DIY projects, seasonal events, and celebrations including weddings, birthdays, baby showers, themed parties, graduations, anniversaries, or holidays. The rhinestone pattern looks stunning when reflected in the light. The grid backing is made from multiple strings of fiber. It can be easily customized in terms of length or cut into any shape with regular scissors. The flat backside is smooth to sew by hand or machine or apply adhesive such as glue or double-sided tape. The mesh is flexible but does not tangle.

For rhinestone vintage style weddings, this roll can jazz up floral bouquets, bows, stands, chairs, tableware, favors, glasses, holders, jars, signs, or even bridal dresses.

If you are a fashion designer or a creative hobbyist who wants to add trim or sparkles to clothes, this wrap will instantly dress up jeans, tutus, outfits, shirts, belts, buckles, costumes, hats, or shoes. The bling wrap will not lose glitter or color after washing and drying.

The applications of the mesh are only limited by your imagination. This bendable and pliable ribbon can transform a simple home article into a dazzling masterpiece. It can glam up walls, mantles, arts, frames, table runners, cabinets, lamps, pens, or even trash cans. Use it as a border to accentuate rooms or outdoor balconies. It creates a festive atmosphere when used as a garland to decorate a Christmas tree. It will for sure be a blast to wrap gifts, embellish cards, and bedazzle pocketbooks, scrapbooks, dog collars, or even license plates. For jewelers, this ribbon is a handy supply to make beaded jewelry such as necklace chokers or bracelets with bling.

Diamond Pattern Bling Wrap

  • Made from acrylic with rhinestone crystal pattern plating
  • Lead free; No skin irritation
  • Flat back, waterproof, and easy to apply on various surfaces
  • Durable, flexible, and sparkly
  • Consistent color and continuous length

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Sparkly Event Decoration

  • Great for weddings, holidays, showers, birthdays, anniversaries, or parties
  • Wrap wedding, anniversary, birthday, and party cakes
  • Embellish bridal veils, headbands, and belts
  • Accent centerpieces, chairs, tableware, runners, and garlands
  • Customize glamorous invitation cards, favors, and signs

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Versatile Crafting Applications

  • Wrap bottles, toasting glasses, and champagne flutes
  • Dress up candles, vases, jars,and tableware
  • Rejuvenate tables, dressers, cabinets, frames, chandeliers, and mirrors
  • Accent prom dresses, costumes, shoes, or belts
  • Embellish seashells, ornaments, and figurines
  • Design wallets, handbags, and garments
  • Bedazzle pocketbooks, scrapbooks, dog collars, or even license plates
  • Accentuate walls, rooms, and balconies

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Glamorous Jewelry Making Accessory

  • Make bling chokers, bracelets, earrings, charms, and body chains
  • Create hair clips, hairpins, and headbands
  • Embellish masks, brooches and belt buckles

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Sturdy and Handy DIY Supplies

  • Easy to glue on multiple surfaces such as china, glass, ribbon, leather, metal, and wood or sew on fabric
  • Simple tool requirement such as a pair of sharp scissors and a tube of jewelry glue
  • Machine-washable and dry-cleanable

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  • Bling wrap made from diamond-shaped acrylic with rhinestone crystal pattern plating; Mesh grid backing; Flat-backed; Non-stretchy; Glamorous, durable, and flexible; Lead-free and waterproof; Indoor and outdoor; Machine washable and dry cleanable; Easy to cut and customize;
  • Rhinestone pattern banding for crafts, jewelry making, gift wrapping, weddings, showers, birthdays, graduations, and holiday decorations; Great for making jewelry and headbands or decorating phones, shoes, clothes, mirrors, frames, bridal veils, runners, candles, toasting glasses, trims, or furniture;
  • Malleable and customizable; Easy to sew with thread, or attach with glue onto multiple surfaces such as china, glass, wood, rubber, fabric, ribbon, leather, or metal;
  • Bulk packaging; Bead size:3.5mm and 7mm;; Consistent and continuous; Rusting and tarnishing free;