Mandala Crafts Empty Plastic Bobbin for Singer Kenmore Bernina Brother Janome Sewing Machine

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Product Description

Are you having a hard time finding the right bobbins for your vintage sewing machine? Do you wish your metal bobbins were see-through so you can know how much thread is left? This box of mini plastic bobbins could help. It fits a broad variety of sewing machines, including most vintage ones. There are no sharp edges that will cut thread or damage your sewing machine.

With the clear bobbin holder, you will be able to find the right color easy. No more noise, wobble, or breakage. These bobbins are made to fit almost all traditional low shank sewing machines and have a classic vintage style that will not deform or pop apart when your thread has been wound too tight. With extra bobbins on hand, you will not need to keep throwing extra thread away. They are easier to wind with a bobbin winder and are extremely handy to keep around for your dressmaking, fashion design, or free motion quilting projects.

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Tips for Compatibility

These bobbins fit many sewing machines, especially several vintage ones.

  • Take a close look at your current bobbins. Compare the size and shape. If they look identical to these, they will work.
  • The important parameters for sure fitness are width, diameter, and middle hole diameter.
  • Check the class of bobbins your sewing machine takes to make sure it is class 15.

  • Fit most low shank sewing machines

Premium Empty Plastic Sewing Bobbins

  • Sewing machine bobbins made from plastic
  • Smooth edge and consistent round shape
  • Reusable and easy to thread with a bobbin winder
  • Transparent plastic storage box
  • Sturdy plastic bobbins for home sewing, quilting, serger, and embroidery machines

  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight

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Compatible Sewing Machines

Our use of these marks does not imply any affiliation with, association with or endorsement by these mark holders.

BrotherBC-1000; CE-4000, 5000PRW, 5500PRW, 8080PRW; CP-6500, 7500; CS-100T, 5055PRW, 6000, 6000B, 6000i, 6000T, 8150; Duetta 4500D; ES-2000, EX-660;HE-120, 240; HC - 1850; HS-2000; Innov-is 40, 80, 900D, 950D, 1000, 1500D, 2500D, 2800D, 4000D, 5000; LB - 6770PRW, 6800PRW; LS - 30,1217, 2125, 2125i, 6770;LX- 2500, 3125, 3125E; NX-200, 250, 400, 400Q, 450, 450Q, 600, 650Q; Pacesetter PS21, PS-3700; PC-210, 210PRW, 420, 420PRW; PE-500, 700, 700II, 750D, 770, 780D; Quattro 6000D; Quattro 2 6700D; QC-1000; SE-270D, 350, 400; SQ - 9000, 9050; VX-1435; XL-2230, 2600, 2600i, 2610, 3100, 3500, 3750, 5130, 5232, 5340, 5500; 5600, 5700, 6452; 3510, 3500T, 6562, 7700; XR- 40, 46C, 52C, 65T, 1300, 9000, 9500PRW

BabylockCrafter's Choice (BLCC); Creative Pro (BL37), Creative Pro (BL40); Decorator's Choice (BLDC); Ellageo (BLL), Ellageo Plus (BLL2); Ellure (BLR); Ellure Plus (BLR3); Ellisimo (BLSO), Elisimo Gold (BLSOG); Ellegante (BLG), Ellegante 2 (BLG2), Ellegante 3 (BLG3); Esante (BLN); Espire (BLSR); Grace (BL40A); Intrigue (INT); Quilter's Choice (BLQC); Symphony (BLSY)

Singer6400 Series; 7312, 7322, 7350; Scholastic, Scholastic Plus XL1000, XL6000; 9910, 9920, 9940 Quantum Futura 100, 104, 117, 118, 132, 132Q, 140Q; 2623, 2638, 2639, 2662, 3962;IZEK; 7400 series

Janomeall new Elna, 5000, 9000, 9500, 9700, 300E, 350E, 10000, 10001, 11000

Compatible Sewing Machines

  • Juki T-100, E80
  • Kenmore all Models
  • Quantum Futura 100, 104, 117, 118, 132, 132Q, 140Q; 2623, 2638, 2639, 2662, 3962;IZEK; 7400 series
  • NOT compatible Singer Futura Embroidery machines-CE-100, CE-150, CE-200, CE-250 and CE-350

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36 Metal Empty Bobbins 25 Pre-Wounded Sewing Bobbin Threads 20S/2 Polyester Serger Thread
Material Metal Plastic Polyester
  • Plastic bobbins made from acrylic; Smooth edge and consistent round shape; Strong and durable; Lightweight and reusable; Easy to thread with a bobbin winder
  • Sewing machine bobbins with a plastic storage box; Empty plastic sewing machine bobbins with free inch/cm measuring tape
  • Class 15 bobbins for Singer, Babylock, Elna, Huskystar, Universal, Sears, Janome, Kenmore, Juki, Pfaff, Brother sewing machines.
  • Sturdy 15J plastic bobbins for home sewing, quilting, serger, and embroidery machines; Fit most standard low shank sewing machines
  • Clear plastic bobbins bobbins with simple design; Easy to use; Size A; Class 15J; Overall size: 2 x 2 x 1.15 CM; Bulk bobbin supplies