Mandala Crafts E27 3W Freemason Lightbulb Freemason Gifts for Men - Scottish Rite Shriners Prince Hall Masonic Gifts for Men – Freemason Square and Compass Emblem Light Bulb for Lodge Altar Decor

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Product Description

Are you looking for a unique free mason gift? Do you want a masonic altar light bulb which will truly set the altar off? This masonic lamp lightbulb is the answer. With a standard socket base, this freemason square and compass lamp light bulb is aesthetically appealing and mainly decorative, but it is still functional as a dim light bulb. The nostalgic design with freemason masonic emblem in the middle lights up and yields soft warm light. It will immediately light up the ambience no matter use as home décor or lodge light. They consume very little power and make a great accent light, TV light or even a night light.

This well-made Freemason novelty bulb is a cool addition to altars, walls, or lodges for an addition to you freemason decor, and will add flair to your themed party. As a whimsical piece of freemason collectibles, this masonic bulb is a good conversation piece. This unique, small, and dim mason bulb is a thoughtful gift especially for those who are into freemason stuff. For a Freemason, Pha freemason, someone in the Scottish Rite, and Shriners, this unique and interesting mason compass and square bulb will definitely make the recipient smile. The solid masonic light bulb has great visual attractiveness to decorate your desk, study, or be used as a decorative hanging or string light. For businesses, this unique masonic novelty light bulb can be made into freemasonic collectibles or novelty merchandise.

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Whimsical Freemason Gift
  • Decorate altars and lodges
  • Accent walls, shelves, and desks
  • Add flair to parties

Low Wattage Masonic Light Bulb

  • Fit standard lamp socket base
  • Low wattage without hurting eyes
  • Can be used as night-light bulbs
  • Soft, warm light
  • Gift ready for Freemason, Scottish Rite, Shriner, and masonic item collectors


Mandala Crafts, the manufacturer of the light bulbs, is not affiliated with or endorsed by any chapter of the masons.

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Size 10 X 2.5 X 8 Inches 10 X 2.5 X 8 Inches 10 X 2.5 X 8 Inches 7 Feet Each 3.2 X 4.6 Inches
  • Incandescent glass freemason bulb with masonic square and compass emblem filament; Sturdy and durable square compass novelty light bulb with soft warm hue; Unique and nostalgic masonic accessories; The lamp base in the picture is to show how the bulb can be used and is NOT INCLUDED
  • Masonic light bulbs for freemason accessories, Shriner accessories, Scottish Rite accessories, and Prince Hall freemason accessories for men; Freemason decorations for homes, lodges, altars, offices, and businesses
  • Masonic square and compass décor for altar lighting, party, lodge ornamental light, night light, wall lamp, string light, desk lamp, and pendant light; Masonic lightbulb mainly for ornamental purpose instead of general lighting
  • Freemason sign lightbulbs as masonic lodge gifts, freemasons gifts, Scottish Rite gifts, Shriner’s gifts, and Pha masonic gifts for men; Free masonic gifts for masters, past masters, Father’s Day, birthday, and holidays such as Christmas
  • Dimmable freemason light bulb with E27 standard socket base; 110V; glass bulb; 3 Watt; Brightness: 11 lumens; Consume very little energy