Mandala Crafts DIY Rhinestone Chain – Rhinestone Trim Cup Close Chain - Rhinestone Roll Crystal Chain Rhinestones for Crafts Sewing Jewelry Making Decoration

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Product Description

Do the stones on your rhinestone roll keep falling off? Are you looking for some bling trim to accentuate a pair of jeans? This roll of delicate yet strong rhinestones chain banding is the answer! With the crystallized rhinestone securely mounted on a metal chain with claws, the crystal on chain is made to last and will add glitz and glamour instantly to any DIY project. The rhinestone rope drapes well and can be easily cut with flush-cutters or a pair of ordinary scissors without losing mounting stones or unraveling. The faceted cut of the rhinestone strand glitters and shines just like real diamonds and will make any jewelry and garments look classy and elegant.

The versatile rhinestone rope will enhance your design for wedding and event decor. The crystal rhinestone trim enriches toasting glasses, napkin rings, candle votives, wedding cakes, centerpieces, and wedding décor effortlessly. Used as bling string, this rhinestone close chain will make veils, hairpieces and other wedding accessories truly stand out. For garment and costume making, the crystal chains for crafts can be easily stitched onto cloth by hand and embellish a prom dress, upcycle a denim jacket, or embellish sunglasses or belts with an upscale finish. Compatible with a variety of jewelry findings, the rhinestone chain for jewelry making can be crafted into dangling earrings, bracelets, anklets, tiaras, or necklaces. Glued on tables, cabinets, curtains, furniture, these strings of rhinestones enliven ordinary home décor. The uses of these rhinestones string for crafts are so versatile that they can also be used to make Christmas ornaments.

Solid Rhinestone Chain
  • Made from crystallized glass and plated brass-based alloy metal
  • Simple tool requirement such as a pair of sharp scissors and a tube of jewelry glue
  • Glue on china, glass, ribbons, metal, and wood
  • Sew on leather and fabric

  • Flat back
  • Lead free with no skin irritation

Versatile Applications

Glamorous Jewelry Making Accessory

  • Wrap bottles, wine glasses, and champagne flutes
  • Dress up tables, dressers, cabinets, frames, chandeliers, mirrors, candles, vases, and tableware, ornaments, and figurines
  • Embellish prom dresses, costumes, shoes, brooches, belts, and bridal veils
  • Design wallets, handbags, garments, hair clips, hairpins, and headbands
  • Make bling necklaces, bracelets, dangle earrings, charms, and body chains

  • Durable, flexible, and sparkly
  • Dense rhinestone inlay with strong claw mountings
  • Compatible with jewelry findings such as cup chain ends

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Event Decoration

Fashion Embellishments

Jewelry Design

Home Decor

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  • Rhinestone rolls made from crystalized glass and alloy metal; Flat-backed and secure mounted rhinestones on a roll; Durable, lightweight and sparkly with great light reflection; Lead-free with no skin irritation; Tarnish-free
  • Chain rhinestones for crafts, jewelry making, fashion designing, and decorating; Crystal rhinestone close chain for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, body chains, and headbands or decorating phones, shoes, vases, mirrors, or frames
  • Crystal rhinestone chain for wedding décor, accessories, party and holiday decorations; Sparkly diamond-cut crystals rhinestones chain for bridal veils, hairpins, brooches, cakes, candles, champagne flutes, and centerpieces
  • Crystal chain trimming easy to glue onto glass, metal, wood, or sew onto ribbon, leather, or fabric; Won’t catch on other materials; Chain rhinestone roll compatible with other jewelry findings such as rhinestone cup chain ends
  • Rhinestone trim by the yard in bulk wholesale packaging; Flexible and easy to cut by regular scissors; 1 row; Rhinestone size: 2mm; Width per row: 2mm; 2mm rhinestone chain; Length per spool: 10 yds; 2 rolls; Total length: 20 yards