Mandala Crafts Cord Lock Cord Stop Tightener Lace Locking End Two Hole Fastener for Drawstrings

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Product Description

Are you about to throw away a hoodie with a broken drawstring adjuster? Does your toddler keep asking you to tie his shoelaces? These well-constructed plastics double-hole cord toggles will help. Compatible with tactical, elastic, and bungee cords, the functional drawstring keepers are easy to install and provide a strong hold. The installation is as easy as pressing the button down, inserting the strings through the holes, and releasing the top. The rust-proof metal spring with good tension and firm grip tightly holds cords in place. Without sharp edges, the reliable spring-loaded toggle clamps can easily slide up and down and yield a comfortable and easy fit without being bulky. From repairing clothes with drawstrings to closing off a paracord project, these robust spring button locks will help you get the job done like a pro.

For shorts, hats, jackets, scrubs, and raincoats with broken toggle stoppers, these handy drawstring locks can give your clothes a second life. These string holders negate the need to tie knots and does can change a waistline or hiking boot shoelace into a drawstring. These drawstring clips are convenient to keep around for repairing goggles, creating pet harnesses, or securing doors, blinds, and drawers. For sewing hobbyists, these drawstring clamps are a necessity for making dice, laundry, yoga, or reusable produce bags. This round toggle clasp kit is also great for boating, fishing, kayaking, or camping such as building crab rings, repairing sleeping bag tighteners, tent closures, or ski glove fasteners. The applications of the cord slide stopper are so versatile that it can also be used as a face mask cord lock to prevent chafing on your ears

Premium Quality Double Hole Cord Locks

Compatible With:Flat/round elastic cord, ropes, piping cord, wrapping cord, 550 & 750 paracord, shock cords, ribbons, shoe laces, fabric ties & much more!

  • Made of plastic & a metal spring
  • Consistent size & shape
  • Unisex & suitable for all ages
  • Bulk wholesale packaging
  • 20 pieces

Many Versatile Applications!

  • Spice up your exercise gear such as gym shorts, swim trunks, workout pants, hiking boots & sneakers, & pouches
  • Spice up your exercise gearsuch as gym shorts, swim trunks, workout pants, hiking boots & sneakers
  • Use to adjust straps on face masks, scrub caps, & face shields
  • Repair closures on shades, blinds, curtains, pillowcases, lanyards, tents, luggage, duffel bags, & bow holders

  • Machine Washable & Dryable
  • Rustproof & Waterproof
  • Round & Flat Shaped
  • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use

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Instructions for Use


Prepare the cord and lock


Press and hold the button on the lock to open the holes


Feed both ends of the cord through the open holes


Tie a knot in the ends of the cord to secure the lock

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